Snorlax Bed: He Wakes Up When You Sleep

Pokemon Bed

Everyone knows that Snorlax loves to sleep – and why wouldn’t he?  He’s a big man, and big men need their sleep in order to function.  “How’d that go over with your boss?”  I recall it going extremely well, actually – the firing was very cordial, and he only slapped me once.  *sobs silently*  He… 

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Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Lawn Decorations

plants vs zombies 2 lawn decorations

Since Plants Vs. Zombies 2 has recently been given to the greedy, money-bearing masses, it felt only appropriate that I address its release with something relevant.  The Plants Vs. Zombies Lawn Decorations were the most relevant thing I could find, since I am currently working on one of my biggest projects yet: ticking off the… 

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Globee Night Lights: Worldly People Who Are Afraid Of The Dark

globee night lights

Either you have a small child and are trying to save them from their destiny of becoming an ethnocentric fool or you are afraid of the dark and have some money to blow.  With the Globee Night Lights, pronounced “Globe-eeee,” you can scare away the monsters that live under your bed and look at a… 

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BMO Teapot For Tea Addicts Who Also Enjoy Adventure Time

BMO Teapot

Adventure Time is one of the greatest animated shows ever to have been animated, so it is only right that one of its most loved characters would be made into a teapot. BMO is a friend to all and an enemy to none who are not his enemies.  Instead of telling you all about this… 

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Adventure Time Sword That Finn Used To Hit The Baddies

adventure time sword

This is the real sword used in the Adventure Time series and wielded by Finn, who was a real guy portrayed by another real guy named Finn. The above is a poorly thought-out series of bold-faced lies…let’s try again. This Adventure Time Sword from ThinkGeek is the one dubbed “Scarlet” in the video game. Please… 

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Metallic Silly Putty Monsters Eating Snazzy Magnets

magnetic metallic silly putty

Silly putty is awesome, and most of the people who are familiar with geekdom and the random science that makes us happy have heard of or played with metallic silly putty.  When you put magnets in metallic silly putty, the pull of the magnets makes it seem like there is a gigantic putty monster that… 

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VEA Buddy Bluetooth Touchscreen Watch [Indiegogo]

vea buddy touchscreen watch

We’ve seen some cool concepts when it comes to touchscreen watches, but we’ve never seen something that is practical and is being put into action. Sure, you can get one of those “watch phones” for $400 +, but nobody wants to talk to their wrist, because everyone already owns a regular phone. That’s where the… 

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Petite Square Blasts Your Beats With Its 50,000 Year Old Wood

petite square wooden speaker

I was always one to marvel at the age of things – the dinosaur fossils that they store in the museum, the mammoth skeletons that they store in the museum, and the fossils of your gramma that they store in the museum have all been awe-inspiring to me.  (OOOHHHH YOU JUST GOT SERVED SOME ETHNIC… 

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