Hilarious Imaginings Of What Babies Dream About

funny baby dreams

Babies, as far as we know, dream like the rest of us more developed human beings.  The only difference?  They probably just smash their face with ground peas all night, but that doesn’t make for a good story.  What does make for a good story is a little pudge bag sleeping peacefully with funny scenes… 

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2012 Most Common Passwords List Proves The World Is As Dumb As It Was Last Year?

most popular passwords 2012

  Do you want to know why you get daily emails from a Nigerian prince promising you SUM OF $200,000,000 IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR TIME?  It’s because people are less intelligent than we assume them to be.  The one assumption that you can make and almost always be right: that the man licking the Wendy’s… 

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Baby Hjolster Makes Carrying Your Baby More Manly, Less Safe

baby hjolster

  Take a look at the Baby Hjolster, which actually isn’t Baby Holster misspelled because I got Dorito dust in my computer keys.  Those of you who have created a monster (a.k.a have a child) know all about the Baby Bjorn, that thing that’s basically a backpack that you can safely put your child in…. 

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Heroic Counterparts of Popular Social Media Sites

StumbleUpon and Iron Man

Here on the internet, that place where you can do everything from learning to read to chatting with creepy strangers, we love our popular social media sites.  (Except you, Google Buzz, Google Wave, and Google Plus.  Crossed out that last one because Google is basically my employer, and I can only stick so many tacks… 

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Pokemon Infographic: Creepier Than Ever In Real Life [Pic]


Don’t pull out your pokeballs yet, my fellow geeks, since many of these pokemon may be repulsive.  While the animals may be repugnant, the Pokemon infographic is awesome in that some poor soul took hours of time to search the anals of the ecosystem and find these creatures to use for the real life pokemon… 

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Office Workers: Dead Inside, Forced To Wear Shoes That Reduce Flight Risk [Pic]

anatomy of an office worker

Office Worker Infographic Pale legs is right – have you seen the people that I work with?  And the boss wonders why I wear sunglasses inside.  We just use John’s pale thighs as flashbang grenades whenever we want to leave early.  *John bares his sour cream thighs and everyone shields their eyes* [Via: Pleated Jeans]

Iron Man is The Best Avenger: Hot Women, Cash To Spend, and Big Guns


    It should be noted up front that when I say Tony Stark is the best Avenger I am only referring to the cinematic universe. When it comes to the comic book world of the Avengers franchise, my knowledge is limited (ok, I haven’t read one single issue of any Marvel comic). But I… 

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8 of the Lamest Video Game Endings Ever

lamest video game endings

There are few things worse than dedicating hours of your life, attention, and finger dexterity to a video game only to get to the end and be enormously disappointed.  It feels like being robbed of sweet victory, and it amounts to having your built-up expectations shattered by lame video game endings. Lame Video Game Endings… 

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