How To Make Avengers Bookmarks And Save The World, Plus Your Spot

how to make avengers bookmarks

These Avengers Bookmarks are a great of example of simple DIY geek arts and crafts.  So, you’re not good enough to make an 16-bit Samus cosplay – so what.  Big whoop.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself; you’re getting tear stains on my very expensive Persian rugs that I bought from Ikea.  “Dude, I think you… 

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GS#4: Do We Have The Technology To Re-Create R2-D2?

can we re-create r2-d2 geeky science

Hello!  Welcome to Geeky Science #4, which will focus on whether or not we have the technology to re-create R2-D2.  If you missed one of the prior three posts, or just got here via Google, you can visit the introduction page for easy navigation between all of the posts!   What Makes R2-D2 Special? So,… 

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GS#3: Are Lightsabers Scientifically Unrealistic?

are lightsabers real

Welcome to the third installment of the Geeky Science series!  This post will focus on the topic of lightsabers: are lightsabers real?  Does physics allow us the ability to create these weapons of fiction?  Can we get light to behave in such a concentrated way that we can slay battle droids and block blaster bolts… 

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GS#2: Is It Scientifically Possible To Climb Walls Like Spiderman?

geeky science

Here’s your second serving for the Geeky Science meal course, my friends, and I hope you enjoy it!  This post is going to focus on the question of whether or not it is scientifically possible to climb walls like Spiderman – can we be the heroic man in red and blue spandex, or will he… 

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GS#1: Are Portal Guns Scientifically Possible?

are portal guns possible?

  Welcome to the first installment of the Geeky Science series!  (For more information on the series, just visit the introduction page, which also has links to all of the posts.)  This post is going to be a great one, Cool Gizmo Toys community, because we’re going to dive right into finding out whether or… 

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How To Avoid Burning Through Your Data Limit On the New iPad

how to avoid burning through your data limit on the new ipad

When the new iPad was released, tablet fans were understandably very excited. Not only did it have a stunning Retina screen, but it was also going to be compatible with 4G LTE networks (at least in Canada and the US).  In other words, users could expect a very fast internet connection indeed.     But there was (and is)… 

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How To Come Up With Geeky MacBook Decal Designs

how to come up with geeky macbook decal designs

You’ve seen geeky MacBook decal designs that make you laugh, cry, and turn green with jealousy. (Also, with that weird piece of radioactive goop you ate last night.) If you want to easily come up with your own great ideas for MacBook decals, then this is the perfect place to start! Once you’ve got a… 

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