Apple Cologne Smells Like The Unwrapping Of New Apple Products

apple cologne

You don’t really care about smelling great for the ladies – as long as you don’t reek of day-old sweat, you’re cool with whatever scent you happen to be rockin’ that day.  The Apple Cologne is for the geeks who relish that wonderful smell of unwrapping a neatly packaged, brand new piece of Apple technology…. 

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Nothing Makes A Tea Party Like A Geeky Coaster

geeky coasters

So you’ve probably already got your extensive tea set. Who hasn’t? Floral tea pot? Check. Matching tea cups? Check. Matching sugar bowl and milk jug? Check and check! Not to mention the cake plates, the cake slice and those special forks with the conjoined prongs on one side that make it look like a little… 

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H2 Flow Jacket By Helly Hansen

h2 flow jacket hansen helly

  The H2 Flow Jacket by Hansen Helly is a piece of geeky fashion that will revolutionize the way you brave winter storms.  Some jackets boast lining that retains heat because of the material that it’s made out of, but this jacket brings keeping you warm to a new level of technological advancement.  This awesome… 

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Adorable Plush Domo In a Super Cute Panda Costume Backpack!

domo panda plush backpack

  The Domo Panda Plush Backpack is an adorable piece of geeky fashion that uses the desires of millions against them.  Everyone thinks pandas are adorable, everyone thinks Domo is adorable, so why would a panda eating Domo not be the cutest darn thing you ever did see?  Some may argue that the little brown… 

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LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Adult Watch

lego star wars darth vader adult watch

  The LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Adult Watch is a geeky product for adults, not children.  Normally, the LEGO Star Wars accessories are only made for the little tykes, but this awesome watch fits larger wrists that belong to the geeks of older ages. This watch says, “You Don’t Know The Power of The… 

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Help Ingri:Dahl 3D Glasses Get On The Shelf At Walmart

ingri:dahl 3d glasses

  We recently posted on Ingri:Dahl’s Designer 3D Glasses, and now that they’ve been funded on Kickstarter, it’s time to help the creators get their products on the shelves!  Walmart is running a contest called Get On The Shelf, in which different companies are able to promote their products and have supporters vote their product… 

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How To Dress Like A Geek Product Guide

how to dress like a geek product guide

Hello, my geeky friends!  You’re looking rather un-geeky today!  We can change that easily, though with the How To Dress Like A Geek Product Guide!  We’re going to talk about what you can wear to strut your style from your head to your toes, so be prepared to spend a ton of money on your appearance,… 

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Gift For A Geek Girl: Car Eyelashes

Car Eyelashes

  The Car Eyelashes are geeky add-ons for your car and are the perfect gift for a geek girl in your life.  Even if you don’t drive the flashy BMW shown above, you’re a geek and proud – you want to stand out among a crowd.  The Car Eyelashes let you do just that –… 

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