9-Foot Great White Shark Eaten By Mystery Predator (Kraken)

great white eaten

The above is a picture of a great white shark.  It is placed within this post solely to remind you of how frighteningly massive (and massively frightening) these animals are, and was obtained from the naturally-flavored National Geographic. In more important news, however, it seems that we have a new reason to be afraid of… 

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$550,000 TRON Lambo Seized By Police, Driven By Extremely Wealthy Miscreant


Picture this: you own a $550,000 TRON Lamborghini, bought entirely with money that you inherited as a member of the ruling Qatar family.  Then, because you are (not allegedly, but assuredly) obscenely rich and don’t care at all, you (allegedly) drive it around at high speeds without a license or proof of insurance.  (Allegedly).  I… 

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Which Movie Franchises Make The Most Money? [Infographic]

which movie franchises make the most money

The fact that Twilight made it on this infographic, which shows the movie franchises that make the most money, proves nothing about the film’s quality. But, given the assumption that everyone here recognizes these movies as utter abominations, we can use this infographic to prove something else. What’s that, you ask?  That people need to stop… 

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Scientists Discover First Carnivorous Tree In Guyana, South America

carnivorous tree

While walking around in the Amazon Rainforest, trees aren’t usually something that you need to worry about.  Sure, there are spiders, beetles, beasts, and creepy crawlies, but never before has there been a carnivorous tree on the mind of tourists! But, don’t start worrying yet – Jeff Oakbren, the head of a group of dendrologists,… 

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The World’s First 3D Printing Pen: 3Doodler [Kickstarter]

3d printing pen

3D printers are a cool concept, but who really knows how to use those things?  If your income is as low as mine, they’re really expensive, and you have to use engineering software, in most cases, in order to design the 3D object that you’re going to print out. The bottom line for 3D printers? … 

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RESEARCH Suggests That Bronies Aren’t Crazy: The Numbers of My Little Pony

Research Proves That My Little Pony Is A Good Show

  As much as some of us may scratch our heads at this growing phenomenon of “bronies,” the research shows that these fans may not have awful taste after all.  The idea of ponies having little masculinity is one that is slowly changing as society alters its ideals, and the numbers of My Little Pony show… 

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2012 Most Common Passwords List Proves The World Is As Dumb As It Was Last Year?

most popular passwords 2012

  Do you want to know why you get daily emails from a Nigerian prince promising you SUM OF $200,000,000 IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR TIME?  It’s because people are less intelligent than we assume them to be.  The one assumption that you can make and almost always be right: that the man licking the Wendy’s… 

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