Stratocaster Squier Rock Band 3 Guitar Controller – Learn How To Play The Guitar, Not Hit Colorful Buttons

Rock Band 3 Squier Guitar

I’ve watched people for years, ever since Guitar Hero first came out, think that they were really cool because they could play Through The Fire And The Flames on expert.  Now, people can, instead of wasting hours learning how to hit colorful buttons really quickly, can devote that time to something much more useful and… 

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The Nintendo 3DS Is Finally Mine

Nintendo 3DS: Testing… Testing… Snack Break… Testing… Hello everybody, I have two pieces of good news to share.  One, I got the 3DS.  Two, my head didn’t “Aspload”, reference to a former post, when playing it!  I tried to test all of the different functions of the system, and have succeeded in doing the following:… 

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Nintendo 3DS – A Look At The System And The Game Lineup

The Nintendo 3DS: Summarized In A Rhyme In A Short Amount of Time The Nintendo 3DS is not just another handheld device – it’s the first glasses-free 3D gaming device.  While relatively similar to the other DS’s in appearance, the 3DS is bulkier than previous generations and comes in a “startling” blue-green color.  Some have… 

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