2012 Most Common Passwords List Proves The World Is As Dumb As It Was Last Year?

most popular passwords 2012

  Do you want to know why you get daily emails from a Nigerian prince promising you SUM OF $200,000,000 IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR TIME?  It’s because people are less intelligent than we assume them to be.  The one assumption that you can make and almost always be right: that the man licking the Wendy’s… 

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Blk Water: Not As Scary As It Looks Unless You’re Drowning In It

BLK Water

I searched all over for Blk Water.  The hype lived up to expectations, since it was pretty scarce around the Detroit Metro area: it was sold out at the three stores in the area that stocked it.   You may think that this black water is all the rage, but you also have to remember… 

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Ninja Remote Camera and TV Jammer

ninja remote tv jammer

  The Ninja Remote Camera and TV Jammer is an incredible gadget that almost seems too good to be true.  This device gives you the ability to mess with TVs and Cameras everywhere, from over 400 feet away.  Your weird friends are watching the History Channel, but you want to watch a Sean Connery movie…. 

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Cardinal Mask Is A Geeky Bird Mask

cardinal mask geeky

  The Cardinal Mask is pretty great – and like some of the other masks that we’ve featured here on Cool Gizmo Toys, it’s pretty weird.  But, we often dismiss weird things as not worthy of our eyes, and we miss opportunities. Example A: I found the idea of baked macaroni and cheese to be… 

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Emergency Inflatable Rubber Chicken

emergency inflatable rubber chicken

  The Emergency Inflatable Rubber Chicken makes sure that you’re prepared for any situation.  It would be great if we could carry around real chickens, but that would be inhumane, and we can’t carry around real rubber chickens, because the size is just not practical these days. “Why isn’t size an issue for carrying around… 

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Fish Head Sucker

fish head lollipop

  The Fish Head Sucker isn’t as gross as it looks or sounds.  This lollipop shaped like the head of a fish is actually not flavored like our aquatic friends – it’s sour lemon flavored!  Aqua Man couldn’t save this fish from becoming a lemon-flavored lollipop, because he’s pretty useless.  I’d rather get into a… 

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