Top Gadgets and Gizmos for Poker Players

wireless poker controller

Poker players can be difficult to shop for when it’s Christmas or their birthday, as you can only get them so many poker chip sets or copies of Doyle Brunson’s book “SuperSystem.” The good news is that plenty of poker-specific gadgets have been released over the last few years, so it’s now possible to not… 

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Revolights Light Up Bike Wheels, Make You Look TRON

revolights bike wheel lights

Revolights are awesome wheel lights that make your bike look like it came straight out of TRON!  Revolights are currently being funded on Kickstarter, and are already $100,00 past their $40,000 goal, an impressive feat.  These innovative bike lights help keep you safe from inattentive drivers.  Not me, though.  If you’re riding your bike in the… 

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5 Super Cool Looking (Yet Completely Useless) Gadgets From Today and Yesteryear

armageddon usb hub

Have you ever looked at a gadget that just looked really REALLY cool and said to yourself “OMG, this looks SO COOL!…. What does it do?” and then found out that it doesn’t do much at all? I do this. I do this all the time. My local computer shop carries about 100 different USB… 

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Top 5 College Gadgets


As the semester begins to swing into full gear, students and faculty are flooding back into classes. Luckily, no one needs to go back empty-handed this semester. Fun, useful, or just plain interesting gadgets have been perfected for the college experience. Best of all, these gadgets are portable, powerful, and more affordable than ever. Here… 

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The Top Indestructible GPS Devices

itrail indestructible gps

Indestructible GPS devices can play an instrumental role in fleet tracking. These devices may be placed in the trunk of a vehicle and will continue to track the vehicle even in the event of an accident. Business owners concerned about their fleet tracking options have several choices in terms of indestructible GPS devices. The first… 

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Massage Therapy Gadgets: 6 Cool and Crazy Massage Devices

wheeme massage gadget

Increasing numbers of people are warding off stress and soreness with regular massage therapy treatments. But in our current economic climate, who can afford these pricey appointments, let alone afford the gas it takes to get to the massage therapist’s office? Sadly, this tends to prevent many common folks from experiencing the benefits of a… 

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Top Five Travel Gadgets To Take On Your Next Trip

top 5 travel gadgets

Since the days that ancient sailors drew crude maps and used a telescope for direction from the stars, travelers have used gadgets. Now, many of our modern navigational tools are at our fingertips with application buttons on smartphones. However, there are still some gadgets that are a must-have for traveling convenience. Below is a list… 

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3 Cool Picnic Gadgets For The Most Awesome Picnic Ever


As summer continues winding down, it’s the perfect time for those great fall picnics before winter keeps everyone indoors. While picnics and gadget lovers have always been at odds with each other, technology has advanced in a way that now combines the pleasantness of eating outdoors with the geekiness of technology. If you want to… 

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3 Vital High-Tech Camping Gadgets for Your Next Trip

3 high tech camping gadgets

There’s little more fun and primal than heading outdoors for a relaxing camping trip. Back in the day, camping meant truly roughing it outside isolated from other people, but these days, camping means something almost entirely differently. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to be completely isolated. If you’re heading outdoors but want to stay… 

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Terrific Gadgets For Parents and Other Family Members


What parent or grandparent or aunt or…well, you get the idea…wouldn’t like some labor-saving gadgets to help around the house? Geared toward impact from infants to toddlers to just plain forgetful parents, these labor-saving, sanity-saving gadgets for parents just might make your life a little easier. Cleanwater Infant Bathtub and Spout Cover     Bathing… 

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