Waterbuoy Miniature Flotation Device


If you’re a big lake person, you probably go tubing, fishing, and boating.  If you’re a small lake person, you probably just do the same thing on a smaller scale.  (Get it?  I dun made a funny.)  The Waterbuoy Miniature Flotation Device is helpful to everyone who plans on going by the water.  This geeky… 

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Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset To Accompany New Line Of Nokia Phones

nokia purity hd stereo headset

The Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset was designed by two tech giants: Nokia and Monster.  These amazing headphones, which lack details on pricing and specifics, are going to be available in black, cyan, magenta, and white colors.  They are equipped with a ControlTalk cable compatible with Windows phones, and a built-in microphone compatible with other… 

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NoiseHush Nx80 Earbuds Review: So You Don’t Have To Shush Your Family

noisehush nx80 earbuds

NOTE: The NoiseHush Nx80 Earbuds were sent to me for review by Wireless Ground, but I am not biased.  Only the gift of cupcakes can make me biased, and no batter was given or taken. So, you need a pair of noise-canceling earbuds, but won’t shell out the incredible amounts of cash that companies want… 

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Black And Decker Orb-it Vacuum Sucks Your Particles Into Its Rotund Belly

orb-it vacuum

The Black and Decker Orb-it is essentially most of the power of a full-blown vacuum stuffed into a tiny ball.  When you pull the handle, the nozzle comes up with it, making a suicide doors-style appearance.  The Orb-it can hold 180 ml of dust, sawdust, or any other kind of strange particle you want to… 

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Roku LT For Only $50, And Streaming Sounds Even More Appetizing

roku lt $50

The Roku LT is the newest version of the series, and cuts the price from a potential $99.99 (or $59.99 if you get the lowest version) to a mere $50.  I’ve been tempted to buy streaming devices before, but none have seemed to be as appetizing as the new Roku device.  Though the drop in… 

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Glo Night Light With Glowing Balls of Pure Geek

glo nightlight geeky

The Glo Night Light is an innovative design by ThinkGeek that redefines night lights.  Instead of having a single source of light, the Glo Night Light takes a different approach with the concept of three separate glowing balls.  The three pronged base charges three separate balls that can be placed in different positions around the… 

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Electree Bonsai Solar Powered Gadget Charger

electree bonsai solar powered charger

The Electree Bonsai Solar Powered Gadget Charger is a well-designed and aesthetically appealing way to charge your gadgets.  From Blackberries to iPod Nanos, the Electree Bonsai Charger has you covered.  Equipped with 27 solar panel leaves and rotatable branches, the Electree will look great in any modern home and is bound to grab the attention… 

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