Japanese Food Tube: Make Everything A Push Pop

japanese food tube

Push Pops are delicious, but they aren’t exactly meals.  When you’re on the go and needing something sustaining, why not eat it out of a tube? With the Smart Han Food Tube, you can create all of your favorite rice-covered snacks and eat them on the go! Excellent aspect of the product: as the picture… 

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The World’s First 3D Printing Pen: 3Doodler [Kickstarter]

3d printing pen

3D printers are a cool concept, but who really knows how to use those things?  If your income is as low as mine, they’re really expensive, and you have to use engineering software, in most cases, in order to design the 3D object that you’re going to print out. The bottom line for 3D printers? … 

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VEA Buddy Bluetooth Touchscreen Watch [Indiegogo]

vea buddy touchscreen watch

We’ve seen some cool concepts when it comes to touchscreen watches, but we’ve never seen something that is practical and is being put into action. Sure, you can get one of those “watch phones” for $400 +, but nobody wants to talk to their wrist, because everyone already owns a regular phone. That’s where the… 

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Petite Square Blasts Your Beats With Its 50,000 Year Old Wood

petite square wooden speaker

I was always one to marvel at the age of things – the dinosaur fossils that they store in the museum, the mammoth skeletons that they store in the museum, and the fossils of your gramma that they store in the museum have all been awe-inspiring to me.  (OOOHHHH YOU JUST GOT SERVED SOME ETHNIC… 

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HAPIfork Stops You From Overeating By Tickling Your Hands

hapi fork controls overeating

  A Fork has always been considered to be the right-hand man of obesity – a tool that assists in the destruction of your body. One second you’re the town jogger, the next you’re being rolled down the street like a giant blueberry.  Kids will set up ramps at the bottom of hills and see… 

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Samsung Galaxy S3: Will It Really Become The Next Best Smartphone?

is the samsung galaxy s3 the next best phone?

2012 in smartphones has been dominated by one device, the Samsung Galaxy S3. In the months leading up to its unveiling, the S3 was the most talked about thing in cool technology, and now that it has finally arrived, pre-orders are off the chart. From build to features the new Galaxy seemingly has it all,… 

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Geek Out with These Ten Uber Cool Chrome Extensions

Mortal Kombat Karnage Google Chrome Extension

Geeks come in all shapes and sizes, just like extensions for the Chrome browser. Okay, so maybe Chrome Extensions don’t truly come in different sizes and shapes, but there are a lot of them and that is essentially what we meant. Politically correct geeks sure are tough to please. Best Chrome Extensions for Geeks Nevertheless,… 

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Instagram Socialmatic Camera: You Might Want To Add This To Your Pocket

instagram socialmatic camera

This is for my Instagram folks, where a picture is worth a thousand words and every picture posted defines a meaning behind.  I introduce to you the brilliant Instagram Socialmatic Camera, a concept camera.  My first reaction was “do we really need another ‘point-and-shoot’ instant photo camera that would ultimately fail?” I say fail, because do… 

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Fun iPad Accessories For Gamers And Geeks

fun ipad accessories for geeks and gamers

Without apps and accessories, the iPad would be one pricey paperweight, not to mention an odd choice for geeks who love to play and trick out their gadgets and devices. Luckily the meteoric rise of the iPad has created a whole cottage industry of accessories which you can use to extend the functionality of the device. Some of these… 

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