10 Awesome Eco Gadgets Made From Recycled Car Parts

Eco Gadgets Made From Recycled Car Parts

Are you a fan of eco gadgets made from recycled stuff? If so, you’re gonna love these eco-friendly geeky gadgets and fashion accessories. Geeky Eco Gadgets Reuse Old Car Parts Each piece is made using recycled car parts and turned into something entirely new (and in many cases) usable, not to mention a handsome looking… 

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Fun iPad Accessories For Gamers And Geeks

fun ipad accessories for geeks and gamers

Without apps and accessories, the iPad would be one pricey paperweight, not to mention an odd choice for geeks who love to play and trick out their gadgets and devices. Luckily the meteoric rise of the iPad has created a whole cottage industry of accessories which you can use to extend the functionality of the device. Some of these… 

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Top 5 Most Expensive Phones On The Planet

top expensive phones

Just when you think that paying over $400 for your smartphone is ridiculous, new designer phones come to the market to relish extravagance at its best, decorated with diamond and filled with the phone numbers of high-priority V.I.P. celebrities. Most Expensive Phones The top 5 most expensive phones on the planet are packed with gold, glitter and… 

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9 Tech Giveaways That Are Being Held Right Now Around The Web

tech giveaways

So, you want some new tech to play with, but you’re broke.  No problem – by devoting a couple of minutes to clicking links and tweeting out articles, you can enter yourself to win things like smartphones, iPads, and software!  No WAI!  Just check out these 9 tech giveaways that are going on around the… 

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4 Amazing Dog Gadgets For Geeky Canines

dog gadget

You’re a human: gadget blogs everywhere spoil you. There are plenty of options for you to geek yourself out, and hundreds of online sources to throw your money at. (Folks, I would kindly ask that you bring all money throwing to me, Jack Kieffer. It’s a job that somebody has to do, and I have… 

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8 Tech Gift Ideas For Your Friends (Under $30!)


It’s sometimes tough to shop for your friends who are really into technology. They’re always looking for the latest and greatest gadget – but what if you don’t have the budget to spend money on the newest technology? Don’t worry, my friends. That’s what we’re here for. There are plenty of gift ideas for your techy friends,… 

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Top Gadgets and Gizmos for Poker Players

wireless poker controller

Poker players can be difficult to shop for when it’s Christmas or their birthday, as you can only get them so many poker chip sets or copies of Doyle Brunson’s book “SuperSystem.” The good news is that plenty of poker-specific gadgets have been released over the last few years, so it’s now possible to not… 

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5 Super Cool Looking (Yet Completely Useless) Gadgets From Today and Yesteryear

armageddon usb hub

Have you ever looked at a gadget that just looked really REALLY cool and said to yourself “OMG, this looks SO COOL!…. What does it do?” and then found out that it doesn’t do much at all? I do this. I do this all the time. My local computer shop carries about 100 different USB… 

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Fantastic Old-Style Retro DAB Radios to Add Music to Your Life

retro dab radio cool design

A beautiful, stately home deserves a beautiful, stately (Digital Audio Broadcasting) DAB radio. A radio that captures of the essence of old-style elegance yet is able to fill a room with resonant, high-fidelity music. There are a wide range of DAB radios out there.  Many of these radios embody the glamor of the past while still… 

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