Getting Gracious with Geeks: 10 Geeky Items to Geekify Your Turkey Day


  Gather round, geeks and nerds alike, as it’s the beginning of the holiday season! Before you rush off to do any early Christmas shopping and start constantly playing Crosby or Sinatra 24/7, let’s not forget we have one more holiday to go before Christmas. That’s right, folks, I’m talking Turkey Day. Thanksgiving tends to… 

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Best Geeky Yarnbombs

Superman suit yarn bomb

For those unfamiliar with the term, yarnbombing — also known as yarnstorming, guerilla knitting, or urban knitting — is like graffiti mixed with photobombing. Instead of spraypainting messages and artwork on walls, people knit or crochet directly over public fixtures. Diapers for naked fountain babies. Crocheted caution tape. Bolas hung over tree limbs. Octopi attacking… 

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Dogs in Costumes: Wishing You a Bark-tastic Halloween

pug pirate costume

Well folks, Halloween’s right around the corner, so naturally we’ll be seeing a lot of pictures of amazing – and not so amazing – costumes in these next couple of weeks. Costumes that have been planned for months, costumes thrown together the night before, costumes that are beautiful, costumes that are horrifying, and so on…. 

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20 Incredible Kid Cosplays: Little Geeks


Last month we saw another successful San Diego Comic Con come and go, and with it an abundance of wonderful cosplays of those in attendance. Kid Cosplays can be incredibly easy to mess up, but when it’s done right then it’s friggen awesome. Now, kids are far more adorable than adults, as a general rule… 

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The 6 Best (Worst?) Fandom Mashups – You Decide!


If I had a dollar for every fandom mashup meme, comic, joke, cross-reference, or…well, anything…ever made, I’d have a lot of dollars. Kind of makes me wish that was a legitimate way to earn money. There’s a lot out there — but some mashups are better than others. Whenever you cross fandoms, you’re venturing into dangerous territory. Sometimes it’s… 

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10 Astounding Claw Machines To Stuff Your Money Into


Claw machines do one of two things.  They either ruin a childhood or they ruin a financial standing.  In the former, parents are smart enough not to keep wasting money on the claw machine.  In the latter, parents are suckers for the alligator tears and end up pulling a Squidward.  (Click the link if you… 

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Heroic Counterparts of Popular Social Media Sites

StumbleUpon and Iron Man

Here on the internet, that place where you can do everything from learning to read to chatting with creepy strangers, we love our popular social media sites.  (Except you, Google Buzz, Google Wave, and Google Plus.  Crossed out that last one because Google is basically my employer, and I can only stick so many tacks… 

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8 of the Lamest Video Game Endings Ever

lamest video game endings

There are few things worse than dedicating hours of your life, attention, and finger dexterity to a video game only to get to the end and be enormously disappointed.  It feels like being robbed of sweet victory, and it amounts to having your built-up expectations shattered by lame video game endings. Lame Video Game Endings… 

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