Blk Water: Not As Scary As It Looks Unless You’re Drowning In It

BLK Water

I searched all over for Blk Water.  The hype lived up to expectations, since it was pretty scarce around the Detroit Metro area: it was sold out at the three stores in the area that stocked it.   You may think that this black water is all the rage, but you also have to remember… 

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17 Geeky TARDIS Cakes To Satisfy Your Hunger For Time Travel

tardis cake

TARDIS is the beloved blue, time-traveling phone booth of Doctor Who.  LET’S EAT IT.  (This is the thinking of Americans such as myself.)  So, in concordance with my hungry thoughts, I have decided to write a post that will not only satisfy the hunger of your rumbling tummy, but will also satisfy your desire to… 

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Toast Air Freshener Geeky Product Review

toast air freshener

  Shout out to LIVINGRoyal for providing me with the delicious Toast Air Freshener, which smells better than the easter egg breakfast I am eating at this very moment.  Not to dis the air freshener, but my breakfast is a couple of withered up old people microwavable waffles that curled up when I heated them…. 

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Cupcake Lip Balm Geeky Product Review

cupcake lip balm

  The Cupcake Lip Balm is a wonderful geeky product sent to me by FunSlurp, a great provider of these kinds of quirky items! Your lips get chapped from those tanning sessions you participate in under the hot summer sun, and they look all “gross and stuff.”  Regular Carmex is too mainstream for you, so… 

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Giant Easter Egg Transforms Easter Egg Hunts Into Epic Events

giant easter egg

  The Giant Easter Egg goes where no chocolate egg has gone before, and dares to make itself as big and bold as the people who will be eating it.  The best way to eat a whale?  One bite at a time.  But only after you’ve finished this 5.5 pound mass of chocolate by following… 

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Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny Great For Increasing Waist Size

chocolate zombie easter bunny

  The Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny brings a bit more excitement to yet another holiday that advocates breaking and entering.  All of which are cool, except the French one that involves people putting things in your shoes.  Everyone who has ever watched Toy Story knows that the giant gifts are the ones with most potential,… 

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Silicone Dinosaur Chocolate Mold

silicone dinosaur chocolate mold

  The Silicone Dinosaur Chocolate Mold lets you create tiny chocolate dinos with a couple of food-grade silicone trays.  “Well, thank GOD I didn’t buy those non-food-grade silicone trays I saw at the store this morning.” What am I supposed to say?  Some people don’t catch on as quickly as you do to these kinds… 

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Mr. Bacon Metal Serving Tray

mr. bacon metal serving tray

  Wow!  The Mr. Bacon Metal Serving Tray is the perfect dish for serving up appetizers before a party – you can put whatever you want into this tray!  Serve up some before-the-meal bacon, or perhaps a few crab wantons.  Maybe a salad with olives?  Whatever you decide, the corpulent man who takes the last… 

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