Minecraft Block Cake Ironically Makes Your Body Round

minecraft cake

We’ve never seen anything quite as blocky as the Minecraft Block Cake, which is strange.  Seeing that I am indeed one of the biggest blockheads of all time, you think that I would have covered this already. That was a bad joke, and I should feel bad, but I don’t really.  There have been far… 

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9 Super Awesome Pancakes That Are Super Awesome

awesome pancakes

Sometimes, things are super awesome, but they aren’treallysuper awesome.  If you have ever experienced this phenomenon before, then you know why I titled this post the way that I did! These 9 super awesome pancakes are, indeed, super awesome.  They’re like the video games that you’re still playing ten years after you bought them, and… 

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HAPIfork Stops You From Overeating By Tickling Your Hands

hapi fork controls overeating

  A Fork has always been considered to be the right-hand man of obesity – a tool that assists in the destruction of your body. One second you’re the town jogger, the next you’re being rolled down the street like a giant blueberry.  Kids will set up ramps at the bottom of hills and see… 

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Cheeto Macarons: The Perfect Combination of Elegant and Cheesy

cheeto macarons

  Macarons are fancy – there’s less doubt about that than there is about Jacob Marley being dead, and there’s no doubt about that.  Cheetos are for flabby men in reclining chairs, but when combined with macarons, they become something much more.  These Cheeto Macarons are not only delicious, they’re innovative.  I bet they taste… 

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Glowing Cupcake Recipe: So Easy That Even I Can Do It

glowing cupcake recipe

  I called this a glowing cupcake recipe, but the truth is that these babies don’t glow on their own, and neither do the cupcakes you’ll be making.  (What?)  You will need a blacklight, but if you are throwing a party with glowing cupcakes, it’s worth the investment.  That is, of course, assuming that you… 

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Wood Paneling Cupcake Wrappers : Knock on Wood

wood paneling cupcake wrapper liner

Have you ever baked yourself a cupcake but felt like there was something missing? Ever noticed the lack of rustic, outdoorsiness in your cupcake devouring experiences? Well then say no more!     These wood paneled cupcake wrappers are the brainchild of Renelle Musielak-Legos over on etsy.com. The faux-wood wrappers are easily assemblable to cover… 

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10 Geeky Drinks: A Dwarf, a Wizard and an Elf Walk Into a Bar…

romulan ale geeky drinks

Let’s be honest, when the question of the ultimate geeky drinks is raised, the (stereo)typical answer has got to be Mountain Dew. Well, I’m from Canada and our non-caffeinated version is kinda useless, so in its stead I offer a list of alternatives from popular franchises, and my slightly odd pick for the ultimate geeky… 

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Life-Sized Yoda Cake: Eat, Or Do Not Eat, There Is No Try

life-sized yoda cake

“Eat Me you may try” is what this deliciously amazing life-sized Yoda cake created by Edward Frys is telling me right now. The craftsmanship here on this fully detailed to scale confectionary masterpiece is simply breathtaking. Everything from his stance to the saber height is just unreal. I love the pose most, which seems to… 

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