Rainbow Cupcakes Are Made With Real Rainbows

rainbow cupcakes

You probably won’t believe me when I tell you, but these rainbow cupcakes are made entirely out of Real Rainbows (TM).  “What’s with the TM?”  A bunch of patent trolls managed to trademark rainbows.  Who knew, right?  *Previously on an episode of “Wow, bureaucracy is the best”* There are few things more visually stimulating than… 

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Chewbacca Donuts: Children of Wookies and Digletts

Star Wars Donuts

I saw these Chewbacca donuts online and I couldn’t resist giving them a share.  From the kitchen of justJENN Recipes comes this long john spectacular, complete with dark, charming eyes and a swashbuckling cross-chest holster.  Take notes, because I am building you the greatest Match.com profile description in the history of searching for creepy Internet… 

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Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Cheese Sticks: Prepare for Death

Geeky Food

Just take a second.  Step back and think about what you’re reading: Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Cheese Sticks.  As if bacon wasn’t delicious enough, they added in a delicious dose of bread and an even more delicious dose of cheese!  Wow!  Please replace “delicious” with “unhealthy.”  Once you’ve done that, realize that you’re just as bald as… 

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Japanese Food Tube: Make Everything A Push Pop

japanese food tube

Push Pops are delicious, but they aren’t exactly meals.  When you’re on the go and needing something sustaining, why not eat it out of a tube? With the Smart Han Food Tube, you can create all of your favorite rice-covered snacks and eat them on the go! Excellent aspect of the product: as the picture… 

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10 Reptile Cakes: Snakes, Lizards, and a Tortoise

reptile cake

Reptiles are awesome, but they aren’t usually eaten by people.  (At least where I live.)  Whether this is because they are awesome or because they look icky is irrelevant, since this post is about reptile cakes.  If you weren’t into this kind of thing, then you wouldn’t be here, so I’m going to skip the… 

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