20 Incredible Kid Cosplays: Little Geeks


Last month we saw another successful San Diego Comic Con come and go, and with it an abundance of wonderful cosplays of those in attendance. Kid Cosplays can be incredibly easy to mess up, but when it’s done right then it’s friggen awesome. Now, kids are far more adorable than adults, as a general rule… 

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10 Awesome Legend of Zelda Wallets For Storing Rupees and Credit Cards

geeky wallet

I’ll be honest with you here.  My wallet is generally empty, so it really serves me no purpose.  What it does do is look nice when I fill it with paper towels so it’s fat when flash it for the ladies.  They all swoon, and then I get to show them my collection of Thor action figures,… 

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9 Geeky Perfumes and Colognes For Ladies and Gents

geeky cologne

Geeky Perfumes . . . Whether male or female, Khajiit or Wood Elf, you’re going to need to smell good for your significant other.  And by good, I mean not like you have been sitting on the couch for three weeks and haven’t showered since you cleaned the Dorito dust out of your chest hair…. 

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Eleven Doctor Who Shoes: Allons-y All Stars

doctor who shoes

The good thing about a fandom with a large fanbase is that there’s plenty of room for creativity, and the Doctor Who fan community may be one of the most creative ones out there!  They’ve mastered the art of cosplay (even pulling off tricky costumes like Daleks and the Tardis) as well as dominating fanart.  They’ve… 

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10 Adorable Pikachu Watches To Make You Smile

pikachu watch

Since the creation of Pokemon back in 1996, boys, girls, men, and women have been in love with Pikachu: the little chubby yellow pocket monster that holds incredible electrical power!  Pikachu clothes, toys, and accessories aren’t too difficult to come by, but here we have compiled a list of 10 adorable Pikachu themed watches. 1…. 

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10 Totally Awesome Geeky Iron Man Themed Clothing Articles

iron man clothes and accessories

Besides having pieces of shrapnel burrowing their way toward your heart and possibly killing you, why wouldn’t you want to be Tony Stark?  Imagine having an ingenious mind able to create and wield the Iron Man suit, able to pick up every babe that walked into sight, and able to come up with more than… 

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