Retro Video Game Box Art of the 80s and 90s

retro video game box art

Video games have changed a lot since the 80s and, let’s face it; a lot of those changes have been for the better. Modern games immerse the player in huge, interactive worlds and feature arresting plots and breathtaking graphics. But, as a designer, I feel like there’s at least one way that modern video games… 

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10 Incredible Houses on Wheels

house on wheels

The overactive imaginations of designers have created amazing portable domiciles. Ideal for the nomadic homeowner, these great houses on wheels enable you to change location without sacrificing the comfort of your home. Why move house when you can simply move your house? Removal firms pack your bags; your days may be numbered. 1.  Derek’s Dinky… 

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5 Reasons Why You Should Enter the Print Express Comic Book Competition

comic book competition

  UPDATE: Extended to first week of September 2012 Do you see yourself as the next Hergé or Stan Lee? Do you spend hours locked away penning new comic storylines and devising superheros, heroines, damsels in distress and other unique characters? If you are now screaming, ‘This is me!’ then the new competition from Print… 

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18 Pokemon Vehicles That I Must Ride To Become The Very Best

plusle car japan

Pokemon is one of the greatest things ever invented in terms of everything ever invented.  The combustion engine?  Not important.  Smallpox vaccinations?  Who cares!  Nothing can match that feeling when you watch your little buddy evolve for the first time into something even more powerful than before!  Also, that feeling when you’re trying to get… 

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Underwater Restaurant List: 6 of The Most Awesome


Eating food at an underwater restaurant beats shoving Burger King in my mouth above land any day.  And I’m not saying that the food is better underwater, I’m just saying that the only thing I would ever eat from Burger King is their new bacon sundae.  (Haven’t heard about that?) This underwater restaurant list gives… 

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Five Amazing Steampunk Wallpapers For Your Computer

steampunk computer wallpaper

What most geeks love about steampunk is the intersection between retro steam-powered technology and cutting-edge scientific advances. (Case in point: This DIY Tesla gun makes steampunk aficionados and science nerds drool.) Why not bring some steampunk-inspired retro fun to your workspace with these amazing steampunk wallpapers? 1.  Ladybug Steampunk Wallpaper Regular ladybug? Too twee, and… 

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Top 14 Geeky Bandages To Heal Your Wounds

geeky bandages

This list of the Top 14 Geeky Bandages gives you the most stylish products to help you get yourself into tip-top shape both physically and socially.  A true geek is not content walking around with those bland beige pieces of latex on his skin – a true geek needs things like cupcake bandages, monkey bandages,… 

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14 Geeky Bookends For Your Home

geeky bookends

Reading books is great and all, but these 14 geeky bookends reinforce the truth that books are only good for displaying in your home, and that reading them is pointless.  Why?  Because I’m cheap and just bought a bunch of books with no print in them to create the illusion of me being extremely erudite…. 

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