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If you’re a geek, and you love quickly finding the things that you love, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at CGT we focus on providing geeky articles and creating a community for geeks to interact and connect on topics like Star Wars, superheroes, retro gaming, or whatever geeky subject may strike your fancy.

We provide you with quality articles on all kinds of different geeky topics: superheroes, gadgets, video games, cutting edge designs, geeky fashion, and more!

Meet the writers of CGT!


Jack Kieffer – Editor-in-Chief / CEO

Jack Kieffer Cool Gizmo Toys

Jack is the founder of Cool Gizmo Toys, founded in 2008, an online kingdom of geekery.

Chicagoland is his home, where he is a student, a Certamen team member (think team Jeopardy for Latin geeks), Tae Kwon Do instructor, a special needs advocate, and a musician.  And, as you might imagine, he’s also also a busy writer.

You can find more of Jack’s writing at his other sites: Autism Plugged In – an autism apps review site that helps parents and teachers wade through the confusing sea of special needs apps and Greenamajigger, an eco-friendly blog on Chicago Tribune’s ChicagoNow Site.

If those topics don’t hit the mark for you, check out his articles on sites like: Technabob, Buzz Patrol, TechWalls, and Walyou – Israel’s largest geek blog.


Julia Gaskill – Contributing Writer

julia gaskill

Julia Gaskill is a busy student at Southern Oregon University. She’s majoring in Theatre Arts and Creative Writing, with a minor in Photography. Julia hopes to continue writing after graduation and to one day make a living of it. In her free time she enjoys sudoku puzzles, eating hamburgers, spontaneous naps, and watching Muppet movies.


Laura Wise – Contributing Writer

Laura Wise is a writer and a musician.  She’s also a super geek and proud of it. A student of theatre and life, she enjoys cello, Shakespeare, and Star Wars. She also talks to herself — that is to say, blogs — at