Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Cheese Sticks: Prepare for Death

Geeky Food

Just take a second.  Step back and think about what you’re reading: Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Cheese Sticks.  As if bacon wasn’t delicious enough, they added in a delicious dose of bread and an even more delicious dose of cheese!  Wow!  Please replace “delicious” with “unhealthy.”  Once you’ve done that, realize that you’re just as bald as… 

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Bacon Candy Necklace

bacon candy necklace

  The Bacon Candy Necklace is a geekier version of those necklaces that you used to wear as a child.  Those, unfortunately, were not flavored very well, and often tasted like sawdust.  This geeky necklace lets you eat the tiny rings, and each ring tastes like a delicious dose of bacon. Also, I would like… 

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Bacon Floss

Bacon floss

  Bacon Floss by Accoutrements is the greatest invention since bacon itself!  When you eat that deliciously fatty treat, bacon bits get stuck in your chompers, and then your hopes to woo the beautiful girl down the block are crushed.  They’re also crushed because you found out that you’re just a farm boy, and she’s an Italian… 

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Bacon Lollipops: Real Bacon Flavoring

bacon lollipops

  Mmmm… Lollipops With Bacon Flavoring!  They look like normal lollipops when you unwrap them, but they taste like bacon when you shove them in your mouth!  Just like the Pickle Pop – it looks like a normal pickle shaped lollipop, and when you unwrap it, you see that it is a pickled shaped lollipop!  Artificially… 

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Bacon Toothpicks

bacon toothpicks

  Bacon Toothpicks – don’t eat them.  Despite the fact that they taste like bacon, they, alas, are made of deceased trees.  But what better way to honor a deceased tree by dipping it in bacon solution and then putting it inside your mouth? The Bacon Toothpicks are better than normal toothpicks, but I wouldn’t… 

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