‘Knits for Nerds’ by Joan of Dark: book review

star wars knitting crafts

Crafty geeks, rejoice! There is a special corner of Geeky Heaven reserved for nerds who are also knitters. And ‘Knits for Nerds’ by Toni Carr, or “Joan of Dark,” is its bible.   With 30 original patterns from Toni Carr and other designers covering fandoms from Star Wars to Harry Potter, this book is a… 

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Best Geeky Yarnbombs

Superman suit yarn bomb

For those unfamiliar with the term, yarnbombing — also known as yarnstorming, guerilla knitting, or urban knitting — is like graffiti mixed with photobombing. Instead of spraypainting messages and artwork on walls, people knit or crochet directly over public fixtures. Diapers for naked fountain babies. Crocheted caution tape. Bolas hung over tree limbs. Octopi attacking… 

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The Avengers As Dragons: THEY’RE ALL DRAGONBORN

avengers dragons

  The Avengers have been re-imagined as dragons, and the result is amazing.  Notice that if you scroll down so that you can only see the bottom half of the picture, they all look like stunted, colorful tree trunks.  Also notice that nobody appreciates my observations, but I give them anyway.  Like those pamphlets in… 

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R2-D2 Eye Makeup Makes Your Face Look Like An Astromech Droid

r2-d2 eye makeup

With all of the Youtube makeup tutorials that currently exist, it is not surprising that there are a number of people experience newfound enjoyment in the application of geeky cosmetics like the R2-D2 eye makeup. There are so many types of tutorials out there: there are ones on contouring (which will have you looking almost… 

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How To Make Avengers Bookmarks And Save The World, Plus Your Spot

how to make avengers bookmarks

These Avengers Bookmarks are a great of example of simple DIY geek arts and crafts.  So, you’re not good enough to make an 16-bit Samus cosplay – so what.  Big whoop.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself; you’re getting tear stains on my very expensive Persian rugs that I bought from Ikea.  “Dude, I think you… 

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LEGO Game Boy Transformer Makes Me Appear Uncoordinated

LEGO game boy transformer

  The LEGO Game Boy Transformer gets me mad, because it showcases a talent that apparently fell out of my rather un-filled box of skills and abilities.  (The lid was still on when God was finished.)  This creation turns me into a maelstrom of negative emotions that usually ends up breaking my fragile psyche and… 

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Emergency Googly Eyes

emergency googly eyes

The Emergency Googly Eyes are wonderful for more than ten reasons, at least.  Not only do you get 20 pairs of four different sizes of googly eyes, you don’t need any glue!  All of the ocular representations included in the Emergency Googly Eyes tin have “Stick It On” adhesives on the back.  Just peel back the plastic,… 

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