RIOT: Will You Be The Rioters Or The Enforcers? [Indiegogo]

riot game

RIOT is a game that was created for Android and iOS devices as well as PC and Mac.  This game is meant to draw attention to all of the unrest that is present in today’s world, especially in developing countries where freedoms aren’t a given, as they are in many of the places that we… 

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Turn Your Life Into a Video Game With HabitRPG [Kickstarter]

habitrpg kickstarter

You’re excellent when it comes to video games, so why does it seem like real life is beating you down? All of your Minecraft creations are exquisitely complex, and everyone admires your LoL account, but it just doesn’t seem like life does what you tell it to.  (My dog doesn’t even do what I tell… 

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Rage Of Bahamut: The Essential Guide [eBook] – Learn Winning Strategies

rage of bahamut guide ebook

New eBook: Rage of Bahamut The Essential Guide Today we’re launching a new eBook, and it’s something that we’ve been working on for a long time now – Rage of Bahamut: The Essential Guide. Want to get that SR / SSR card you’ve been eyeing up without paying any money?  Then, you need our pro… 

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How To Get Holy Powder In Rage Of Bahamut: Make An Easy 30 HP

how to get holy powder in rage of bahamut

  This guide will teach you how to get holy powder in Rage of Bahamut easily, and without having to spend hours mashing buttons and supporting top players. Note that you can also read our post on ten Rage of Bahamut tips for all levels of players as well as our write-up on the best… 

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Kia Rio and Spotify Looking For Submissions To Best Songs With Your Windows Down Playlist


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kia Rio. All opinions are 100% mine. Think you’ve got a good taste in music, my friend?  If you feel like today is your day to prove that your style is superior to everyone else’s, then the Best Songs With Your Windows Down Playlist… 

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Which New Angry Birds Space Bird Are You?

which angry birds space bird are you?

  Angry Birds Space is the newest version of the addicting original, which undoubtedly ruined countless lives and relationships. When it comes to personal identity, one of the things that should be in the forefront of your mind is when you’re going to cancel your credit card, since I stole it from your desk and… 

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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Interior Designers: Design With a Fresh Eye!

interior design apps

Though you’ve been an interior designer for quite a while now, even the best of the best runs into a lack of inspiration, needs help to organize their biggest projects or are without the tools to appropriately carry out your vision to clients. And, the average do-it-yourself guru could use some help here and there,… 

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Top 6 Smartphone Apps For Your Car


Smartphones have made life easier on many levels, especially driving. There are thousands of smartphone apps available now that will give you directions, find gas stations, and help you find a place to get your car fixed. If you use some of the apps carefully, then they can actually save you a lot of money… 

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Tillamook Cheese’wich Lets You Grill Yourself Onto Grilled Cheese

tillamook cheese'wich facebook

I know that I’ve always wanted have my face grilled onto a grilled cheese sandwich, but I didn’t find a (not painful) way to do it until just recently, when I discovered the Tillamook Cheese’wich Facebook page!  (By discovered, I meant that someone sent me a tip, because I’m too stupid to come up with… 

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