20 Cool Dog Sweaters That Scream Fashionista

I hate to admit it, but I’m one of those deranged people who finds dogs wearing clothing adorable. Some may argue that it’s ridiculous; I argue that it’s ridiculously adorable. I mean, yes, getting a dog to wear something along the lines of, say, a Gucci vest or a designer hat? Yes, that might be a bit much. But a dog in a fuzzy sweater with a dorky picture on it? Shut up and hand me the adoption papers right now.

So, from us to you, here are twenty cool dog sweaters for your pooch.

Cool Dog Sweaters

cool dog sweaters

1.  Chilly Dog Black Skull Dog Sweater (($32.99))

Let those other pups in the neighborhood know what a bad ass your dog really is. He’ll be striking fear into the hearts of all the canines and felines on your block this holiday season when he struts around in this getup.

Find the Black Skull Dog Sweater over on Chilly Dog.

Dog Anxiety Thundershirt

2. Dog Anxiety Thundershirt (($39.95))

At first glance the Thundershirt may look a little – how to put this lightly? – dumb, but don’t let that fool you. The Thundershirt is designed completely to help calm dogs down in any sort of anxious situations; whether it’s owner separation, fireworks, thunderstorms, travel, you name it. So while it might make your dog look a bit silly, the outcome definitely makes the Thundershirt a worthwhile buy.

The Dog Anxiety Thundershit is available online.

Sports Hound Dog Hoodie - Baseball

3.  Sports Hound Dog Hoodie (($17.68))

Teenage girls get a lot of slack for being rabid fans of boy bands and vampire movies, but they are nothing in comparison to full grown adults who are fans of sports. If you are one of said adults and love your sport of choice so much you want to display it on your dog, then check out these Sports Hound Hoodies. You can get one with a baseball, a basketball, a football, or a soccer ball on it. Pretty much covers all the bases yeah? (Ba dum tss.)

Buy all four of the Sports Hound Hoodies over at Wayfair.com.

Casual Canine Camo Barn Coat

4.  Casual Canine Camo Barn Coat (($17.61))

I personally recommend getting this for your pooch if he or she is a guard dog for your house. Burglars will know they’re in serious trouble when a huge dog comes barreling in their direction while wearing camo gear.

The Camo Barn Dog Coat is available over at Wayfair.com.

Mohawk Hooded cool Dog Sweaters

5.  Mohawk Hooded Dog Sweater (($14.99))

Okay, not gonna lie, this one’s a bit silly. Kind of cool, but still silly. Even so, it’ll definitely keep your dog warm on cold, winter days, and hey, if that means some entertainment getting to watch them walk around wearing this Mohawk sweater then all the better.

The Mohawk Hooded Dog Sweater is available on Amazon.

Christmas Ball Turtleneck cool dog sweaters

6.  Christmas Ball Turtleneck Sweater (($14.59))

With Christmas just days away, now’s the time to jump on board with this sweater. Can you imagine your dog being anymore festive this holiday season while wearing one of these? The answer is no, you can’t, so just buy one already.

Hurry and get your Christmas Ball Turtleneck over at Amazon.

Zack & Zoey Penguin cool Dog Sweaters

7.  Zack & Zoey Penguin Dog Sweater

What’s more adorable than puppies? Penguins. What’s more adorable than a puppy wearing a penguin sweater? Absolutely nothing.

Hunt down your own Penguin Dog Sweater over on eBay.

Zack & Zoey American Flag Sweater

8.  Zack & Zoey American Flag Sweater (($14.99))

Being away from the United States for the last five months has made me realize how important it is to be proud of the place you come from (even if you’ve got a bunch of Kiwis making fun of how much fast food people in the USA eat). This little sweater for your dog may be perfect for special occasions such as July 4th and Labor Day, but you can easily get some every day usage out of it as well. Let your neighborhood know you’re proud to be an American – sans the politicians, gun laws, and obesity problem, of course.

The American Flag Dog Sweater is available over on eBay.

cool dog sweaters

9.  Black Aspen Sweater by Chilly Dog

This adorable winter sweater is, unfortunately, out of stock at this time, which is a real shame. I feel like you could easily find a sweater with this same pattern in human-size, then proceed to be one of those people who dresses their dog to match themselves. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Keep your eyes peeled for the Black Aspen Sweater over on Amazon.

dog monkey hoodie

10.  Monkey Hoodie Dog Sweater (($29.09))

If you’ve ever wished that sock monkey you had as a kid could come to life and love you unconditionally, then you might want to consider getting your dog this sweater. It’s the closest you’re gonna get to that wish becoming a reality.

The Monkey Hoodie is available on Amazon.

cool dog sweater

11.  Little Monster Dog Sweater

The perfect outfit if you’ve got a puppy who’s already an adorable, little terror around the house. Unfortunately this one is also out of stock, so you’ll have to wait it out a little while longer to get your hands on one.

The Little Monster Dog Sweater is available over on Amazon.

mom dog sweater


12.  Chilly Dog Tattooed MOM Dog Sweater (($34.99))

Consider getting one of these bad boys for your mom either this Christmas or maybe even Mother’s Day. Nothing says “I love you” more than a puppy in a sweater that literally has it written on the back.

Get yourself a Tattooed MOM Dog Sweater over on Amazon.

cool dog sweater

13.  Chilly Dog Boyfriend Sweater (($28.61))

This is possibly the most dapper thing I have ever seen with my own two eyes. I would definitely date any dog – err, I mean, guy who has a dog that wears this. Yes. That’s where I was going with that sentence.

The Chilly Dog Boyfriend Sweater is available over on Amazon.


suede dog coat

14.  Fashion Pet Suede Shearing Coat (($32.95))

Nothing says “burly masculine dog that lives somewhere super cold” than this jacket. People will know your dog means business when he or she wears this – and possibly owns a gun as well.

Get your dog a Suede Shearing Coat over on Amazon.

cool dog sweater

15.  Darth Vader Dog Sweater (($19.99))

Do I really need to give you incentive to purchase an amazing Star Wars sweater for your pooch? No, no I don’t.

Order this Star Wars sweater from the Petco web-site.

Disney Muppets Kermit Sweater

16.  Disney Muppets Kermit Sweater (($12.49))

Let me make it perfectly clear: if I had a dog, I would buy them this sweater before you could say “Hi-ho, Kermit the Frog here.” Is it because I am a massive Muppets nerd? Most likely, but the point is, if you have a dog in your possession, why have you not bought one of these for them yet? Sheesh!

Show your dog it actually is easy being green over at Petsmart.com.

Disney Grumpy Sweater

17.  Disney Grumpy Sweater (($13.49))

A part of me wishes there were seven different sweaters – one for every Disney dwarf, so you could match up which one fits your dog’s personality the best. But for the time being, a Grumpy sweater on its own is pretty rad.

Get happy and order your Grumpy sweater from Petsmart.

Martha Stewart Pets cool dog Sweaters Dress


18.  Martha Stewart Pets Sweater Dress (($10.99))

Okay, this one might be a little much. I figure the only times you could get away with your dog wearing a sweater dress if it was the flower girl at your wedding. Or if you’re taking it with you to prom.

You can find the Pets Sweater Dress over at Petsmart.

Bret Michaels Pets Rock Skull Sweater


19.  Bret Michaels Pets Rock Skull Sweater (($9.49))

Why does Bret Michaels have a line of dog sweaters? No idea, but if you’re a fan who owns a dog I guess this is probably your lucky day. This sweater’s not quite as bad ass as the first skull and crossbones sweater on the list, but is still pretty awesome nonetheless.

This Bret Michaels sweater is available at Petsmart.com.

PetRageous Designs Aj’s Applique cool dog sweaters

20.  PetRageous Designs Aj’s Applique Dog Sweater (($10.97))

How could you say no to an adorable pup wearing this. It’s sure to brighten up everyone in your household’s winter.

These cute dog sweaters are available at Petsmart.