Cool Frequency Visualizers: The Top 6 On YouTube

Cool frequency visualizers are not only awesome, they are the key to getting more people to watch your music promotion videos.  Rule of thumb: if your video doesn’t look cool, I’m not going to watch it.  If I can listen to the same song while watching a bunch of lasers or some adorable kittens, I’m going to do it.

Nowadays, everyone can go on their computer and create a YouTube channel.  And, with the music industry changing in the ways that it has, YouTube is becoming one of the best places to get music viewed and promoted.  Check out these cool frequency visualizers in order to get a few ideas for yourself and/or to blow your mind with some visual awesomeness.

Squirrel Mixes’ Ring Visualizer


Squirrel Mixes’ Ball Visualizer



BS Media

Endo’s Cool Frequency Visualizer


Music Glaze’s Turntable