$550,000 TRON Lambo Seized By Police, Driven By Extremely Wealthy Miscreant

Picture this: you own a $550,000 TRON Lamborghini, bought entirely with money that you inherited as a member of the ruling Qatar family.  Then, because you are (not allegedly, but assuredly) obscenely rich and don’t care at all, you (allegedly) drive it around at high speeds without a license or proof of insurance.  (Allegedly).  I don’t want to get sued by someone who can waste half a million dollars on a purple car.

If this is you, congratulations!  You are officially the most ridiculous item of the day!

The Lamborghini Aventador, which apparently glows in the dark, was seized in London a few days ago.




Props to the guy on the police squad who thought that someone with a $550,000 car would skimp on insurance.  I would have been one of the people calling him a nut, but that’s because I need to make the safe play and make sure no one finds out I’m the one sneaking donuts out of the conference room.

Update: they found out.


tron aventador


Moral of the story?  Next time you’re driving a conspicuous, purple and orange, glow-in-the-dark vehicle, make sure that you are not being a moron simultaneously.  Be a moron before and after the fact, but never during.  Also, I would be willing to bet that this guy is already driving around an even more ostentatious vehicle.  Check back here for all the latest on extremely rich young adults having their cars impounded.

via Geekologie