Which Movie Franchises Make The Most Money? [Infographic]

The fact that Twilight made it on this infographic, which shows the movie franchises that make the most money, proves nothing about the film’s quality. But, given the assumption that everyone here recognizes these movies as utter abominations, we can use this infographic to prove something else.

What’s that, you ask?  That people need to stop wasting their money on terrible movies!

James Bond is at the top of this list, of course, but is that really fair?  The series has been in production for so long that they’ve had to hire several different people to play the main character!  Harry Potter came in third and Dumbledore only died once!  I think that, based on the well-established method of the KDR (kill to death ratio), that we can vote Bond out of his top spot.

Star Wars should be number one of this list, just because of its awesomeness.  I realize that this infographic is about money, but the amount of money earned should reflect the quality of the movies, so I’m going to pull a fast one and cook the books for next decade’s edition.  (Unless Disney gets it together and start putting out some great movies.)


which movie franchises make the most money


There you have it!  You now know which movie franchises make the most money!

Of course, you still don’t know who that guy “Grandma” is, but you sure wish your girlfriend would stop saying she loves him.  Reference to one of the best Vine videos on that annoying page that gets put on everyone’s Facebook.

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