Omni: Virtual Reality Gaming is Real, Affordable, and Has Me Kicking Myself

Omni is here, and it’s going to revolutionize virtual reality gaming.  I should have thought of it – it’s so simple that it’s brilliant!

Gaming has always been moving from unrealistic experiences to what seems almost as vivid as real life.  The next logical step in this field, of course, was to take the human body and integrate it into the player’s experience.

omni virtual reality gaming

I spent hours upon hours coming up with ways that this could be done.  I ended up with sketches of gigantic treadmills, moving floors in rooms, and high-tech video cameras, but it was all either too expensive or unrealistic.  (I never actually did any of that because I am incredibly lazy.  I just imagined that every Dorito in my mouth was another great idea that my mind formulated.  I had a lot of great ideas.)

Watch this video, and your life will never be the same.

The Omni is “for real,” as they say, and it is not even expensive.  This device is a bowl-shaped foundation with a ring stand, the latter of which holds you in place.  The sides of Omni are frictionless, and make use of custom shoes that utilize knobs and grooves in order to keep your feet moving in the right direction.  (The sides of Omni have grooves, are frictionless, and fit perfectly with the shoes that come with the device.)

One of the greatest things about Omni, however, is its compatibility.  These developers did not try to create a new console or redevelop a system, they made a device that was adaptable to the games that we already use!

You can still get an Omni via Kickstarter, but you’ll have to throw a lot of money at them since you’re a little bit late to the game.  There are only 10 days to go!