Globee Night Lights: Worldly People Who Are Afraid Of The Dark

Either you have a small child and are trying to save them from their destiny of becoming an ethnocentric fool or you are afraid of the dark and have some money to blow.  With the Globee Night Lights, pronounced “Globe-eeee,” you can scare away the monsters that live under your bed and look at a map simultaneously.

Firebox allows you to choose from a few different maps for your Globee: Edinburgh, London, and Paris.  If you’re affluent, fancy, or European, you know how cool it would be to have a map of one of these places on your night lights!


globee night lights


These are some fancy night lights, indeed!  Your Globee Night Light also includes an ingenious “spinning” functionality, which is sure to entertain people like me for hours.  Plus, if you try hard enough, you can probably make a ton of people in Edinburgh vomit.  With great power… comes great responsibility.


Globee Night Lights


And I recently found out, much to my dismay, that the London Eye is not actually some gigantic eyeball floating in a jar of goo.  As you can see here, it’s an UNDREWATER ferris wheel that gives you an excellent view of a bird that doesn’t have any arms!

Buy it below, if you dare. And by if you dare, I mean if you have any money.

Via: Firebox – Globee Night Lights