BMO Teapot For Tea Addicts Who Also Enjoy Adventure Time

Adventure Time is one of the greatest animated shows ever to have been animated, so it is only right that one of its most loved characters would be made into a teapot.

BMO is a friend to all and an enemy to none who are not his enemies.  Instead of telling you all about this man so that you can better understand how awesome the BMO Teapot is, I’ll just let you learn from this convenient and informative .gif, which should be pronounced – NO ONE CARES, BECAUSE IT IS AN ACRONYM.


BMO Teapot


Look above for more of BMO’s sick dance moves, and look below if you want to see the teapot that is supposed to be the subject of this article.  Though you could barely call it an article, as it seems to be more of a snapshot of my madness.


bmo teapot


The BMO Teapot also comes with four tea cups, shown above.  For only $150, you too can own this incredible ceramic serving apparatus.  And by “you too,” I just mean you, because there is only one of these available.  In the world.

Coming in the future: a study on whether or not people who say “shut up and take my money” in post comments actually end up buying the product that they’re commenting on.

Via: Geekologie, but we both know that my posts are better anyway, so why even bother going there.  SIKE!  My blog looks like chopped liver next to Geekologie!  HA!