Adventure Time Sword That Finn Used To Hit The Baddies

This is the real sword used in the Adventure Time series and wielded by Finn, who was a real guy portrayed by another real guy named Finn.

The above is a poorly thought-out series of bold-faced lies…let’s try again.

This Adventure Time Sword from ThinkGeek is the one dubbed “Scarlet” in the video game.

Please note that this two-foot long weapon is very dull and will not serve you well in your crime-fighting endeavors, but it’s perfect for putting on display or using in a mock sword fight.  Or a real sword fight if you’re looking forward to getting your arms cut off.

Remember that popular saying in times like this – “don’t bring a gun to a sword fight, bring a plastic sword so that you can more easily be maimed.” Huh?!


adventure time sword


Notice the realistic battle scars that come for FREE with the sword.  Where else can you get battle scars for FREE?  “Go outside and hit a fire hydrant with it a few times.”

Below you can see a picture of what I looked like just before I got beat up. (Or, what I would look like if this were really me.)


adventure time sword


This is going on my wishlist right behind that Assassin’s Creed Jacket, which is way more expensive than this $20 Adventure Time Sword.

Death to all that threatens the land of Ooo.

BUY Adventure Time Sword at Thinkgeek