RIOT: Will You Be The Rioters Or The Enforcers? [Indiegogo]

RIOT is a game that was created for Android and iOS devices as well as PC and Mac.  This game is meant to draw attention to all of the unrest that is present in today’s world, especially in developing countries where freedoms aren’t a given, as they are in many of the places that we are used to.

On another note, RIOT is fun.  Want to set things on fire, take down violent protestors, and just randomly smash windows?  This is for you.  Do keep in mind that it has a political undertone.  However, the game does let you play from both perspectives, and you will see how and why violent riots never have a winning side.


riot game


riot simulator


riot simulator


These are some screenshots from the game, and you can get the full experience on your iOS or Android device for just $5 if you support the project on it’s Indiegogo page.

RIOT is also meant to be a simulator in addition to a game, so keep that in mind.  It’s not meant for you to be able to go Rambo and take down all of the cops by yourself.  The format is hotseat multiplayer, although there are some single player campaigns included.




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