Turn Your Life Into a Video Game With HabitRPG [Kickstarter]

You’re excellent when it comes to video games, so why does it seem like real life is beating you down?

All of your Minecraft creations are exquisitely complex, and everyone admires your LoL account, but it just doesn’t seem like life does what you tell it to.  (My dog doesn’t even do what I tell it to, though, so don’t feel bad.)


HabitRPG fitness game


The description says it all – succeed in life using the abilities that you’ve garnered through endless hours of gaming.  Finally, gamers are going to succeed!

The HabitRPG website is already up and running – the Kickstarter is adding new features to this already awesome service – and it lets you input your Habits, Daily tasks, and To Do’s.

Each of these can be assigned a positive value, a negative value, or both.  If you do what you’re supposed to, your experience will increase and you’ll be able to level up!  Eat a ton of junk food and forget to clean your cat’s litterbox only if you want your character to lose health.  Once you lose all of your health, you die.


Not really, but that’d be cool, right?  Talk about motivation.

Use coins that you earn in order to buy armor and weapons and to customize your avatar – this is really a dream come true for any gamer!


habitrpg kickstarter


Here’s a screenshot that was provided on the Kickstarter page – this guy is already succeeding at life in incredible strides, as you can see by his decked out avatar.

If this is already super awesome, what’s the Kickstarter for?

First of all, the team wants to fix some bugs on the website, add new features, and more.



Additionally, they want to finish creating an Android and iPhone app for HabitRPG.  This would make the program easier to access and would make more sense for those of us geeks who really want to take this thing (life) seriously and start getting things done.  Whether that be making money, losing weight, or wooing a woman, HabitRPG will help you do it.

Help fund HabitRPG and you’ll get some awesome in-game benefits!


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