SoundWave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker: Bass At Its Finest

I was recently sent a SoundWave SW50 bluetooth speaker by GearZap for testing, and I love it.

I needed a new speaker to blast my music, since my other one runs on archaic batteries and would cut out whenever the lower frequencies became too powerful.  (And, as I am an EDM fan, this really was a problem).

The SoundWave SW50 bluetooth speaker is one-fourth of the size of my other speaker, looks awesome, uses bluetooth connectivity, and sounds incredible!

If you ever need to play your music louder than the SW50 can play it, you need some real speakers and/or a new set of ears.


sw50 soundwave bluetooth speaker


(The speaker is available in both black and white.)

What really impressed me about the SW50 is the capabilities it has in terms of the bass: this little guy doesn’t slink away whenever lower frequencies need to be played.  In fact, the company includes a mat with the product to prevent the speaker from vibrating so much that it falls off of the table!

Some of my music, if played at full volume, will have the speaker moving all over the table if the mat isn’t used.  The good news?  The sound quality is excellent, and even the lowest frequencies can be heard.  (It probably cuts out somewhere around 30 Hz, but laptop speakers usually can’t go below 75 Hz, unless you have good ones.)

You can also take, answer, and ignore calls by using the small green phone button under the built-in microphone on the SW50, which is compatible as an iPhone accessory, Galaxy accessory, laptop accessory, and as an accessory to other bluetooth-enabled devices.


bluetooth speaker


You can pick one of these guys up for $40, a great price for a solid, portable bluetooth speaker.

I really think that the SW50 is great, and I have no complaints!  Excellent speaker!