Inside3 Marble Labyrinth: Face The Darkness [Ulule]

If you’re someone who enjoys puzzles and innovative ideas, you’ve come to the right webpage.

The Inside3 team has created a box that holds all of your fears and puts your mind to the test – can you successfully navigate through total darkness and use the provided labyrinth layouts to make your way through the cube?


inside 3 puzzle cube ulule


The above picture gives a quick glimpse at the different types of layouts that will be available once the project is funded on Ulule.  Not only does the labyrinth itself become more difficult, but the cube mutates in order to make this incredible challenge even more difficult.

Unless you order a “Vicious” or “Mortal” Inside3 cube, you will be able to take apart the labyrinth in order to retrieve your lost ball.  There are two openings through which you can see the marble – one on the top of the puzzle cube and one on the bottom – if the ball is stuck somewhere in the middle, you are hopeless unless you take apart the Inside3.


You’re hopeless if you are trying to solve the level 5 and 6 puzzles.


inside3 puzzle cube

This is a prototype Inside3 labyrinth, and as you can see, a map is provided on the outside of the cube.  Each section represents a different layer, and the goal of the puzzle is to make it all the way through the box to the other side.

Of course, you can understand why it would be extremely difficult to solve the “Mortal” labyrinth, in which no maps are provided.  Impossible, even.


inside3 puzzle cube


The developers are hoping to raise $54,000 by early April, and they just recently hit $22,000.  If you want one of these awesome puzzles and want to help an innovative crowdfunding project hit the markets, jump on over to Ulule and get this thing funded.

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