VEA Buddy Bluetooth Touchscreen Watch [Indiegogo]

We’ve seen some cool concepts when it comes to touchscreen watches, but we’ve never seen something that is practical and is being put into action.

Sure, you can get one of those “watch phones” for $400 +, but nobody wants to talk to their wrist, because everyone already owns a regular phone.

That’s where the VEA Buddy Bluetooth Touchscreen Watch comes in.  It’s approach is unique in that, instead of trying to replace your phone, as many of these projects do, it works in tandem with it.

Think of it as… well… your buddy.


vea buddy touchscreen watch


The VEA Buddy looks great, and it has a ton of features that help you keep in touch with your technology.  Not only can you check your email on the watch, since it pulls that data from your smartphone via bluetooth, but you can also do things like browse Facebook and Twitter as well!

Of course, a musical function has been added, which is shown above: change all of that good stuff while looking snazzy and without having to pull out your phone or use the buttons on your headphone cord.  (Assuming your headphones have said buttons.)  This can also be helpful when you’re playing music live and need to change the song without having to go touch your phone.


vea buddy bluetooth watch


The makers of Buddy are looking to raise $320,000 to make this a reality, but you can get one of them A.S.A.P. if you grant them $150 of your hard-earned cash.

Note that these watches were being given out for $99, but those packages (200 of them) have been sold out already!

Alternately, you can get two Buddy touchscreen watches for just $230.



This is really an awesome piece of innovative tech, and it would do you a great service in terms of simplifying your phone – help it get funded below!

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