Petite Square Blasts Your Beats With Its 50,000 Year Old Wood

I was always one to marvel at the age of things – the dinosaur fossils that they store in the museum, the mammoth skeletons that they store in the museum, and the fossils of your gramma that they store in the museum have all been awe-inspiring to me.  (OOOHHHH YOU JUST GOT SERVED SOME ETHNIC DISH THAT WAS SO SPICY YOU COULDN’T EVEN EAT IT).


petite square wooden speaker


The point is that I can blast my EDM out of a piece of wood that makes the oldest person you know look like a wrinkly, saggy old infant.

The Petite Square is exactly what the name implies, but with a twist: this speaker produces some big sound and is constructed from 50,000-year-old Ancient Kauri wood.  Apparently, the gadget sounds incredible, but it’s also crying out for help.

Just like that cousin that you haven’t heard from in ten years, the Petite Square needs your money.  The only difference?  You get something in return: a Petite Square.

The developers are hoping to gather up $45,000 worth of funds in order to put their creation into the production stage.  Don’t get me wrong – they have already made a bunch of Petite Squares, and they sound great, but they can’t do that whole “mass distribution” thing without some “mass cash.”

Don’t be a scrooge!  Take some money out of your hardworking wife’s bank account and help these guys reach their goal!  In return, you’ll get a sick speaker from which you can hear the sounds of the ancient forest elves, playing in the trees and hitting the dimmer forest elves on the heads with rocks.

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