HAPIfork Stops You From Overeating By Tickling Your Hands

hapifork controls overeating


A Fork has always been considered to be the right-hand man of obesity – a tool that assists in the destruction of your body.

One second you’re the town jogger, the next you’re being rolled down the street like a giant blueberry.  Kids will set up ramps at the bottom of hills and see how high they can launch you.  You will become the world’s physics experiment … Unless, of course, you use the HAPIfork – the fork that controls overeating.


This handy dandy notebook fork measures how much you eat in one minute intervals of time.  If it decides that you are eating too quickly or too much, it will vibrate.

The only thing that could make this product more effective was if it were to shout insults at you while vibrating in order to motivate you further.

They could call it the Simon Cowell HAPIfork – get degraded by one of Britain’s finest!

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Via: FoodBeast