Affordable RC Heli: Heli-Max 1SQ Quadcopter Hands-On Review

Disclaimer (but it’s funny, so it’s worth reading): I was sent the Heli-Max 1SQ Quadcopter by Heli-Max for review, and I am a biased man.  I am also a man who says whatever he wants whenever he wants, and is not swayed by gifts and giant wooden horses.  I would have rejected the Trojan Horse, as I had already completed my collection of antique, giant wooden animals.  Greed was the source of the infamous defeat, and that’s why we should all love together and live together.  Bottom line: I’m not going to say that the 1SQ Quadcopter is good if I didn’t like it.

The good news for Heli-Max?

I liked it.

affordable rc heli

Affordable RC Heli: 1SQ Quadcopter

When I say “affordable,” I probably don’t mean what you think I mean.  Sure, you can hop your frugal self into Target and pick up a $20 remote control helicopter, but the quality is going to be poor.  For $100, you’re getting a top of the line product.  The handling on the 1SQ is incredible, and it can hover in the same place like nobody’s business.  (Though you do have to move the throttle upwards slowly a little to remain in the exact same spot.)

One thing that surprised me was the incredible acceleration that this thing has relative to its size.  I set the 1SQ down on the floor, pushed the throttle up, and watched in horror as it shot up into my ceiling.  If you want to, you can be fifty feet in the air very quickly, but not that the wind carries the 1SQ very easily.  I know from personal experience:

ME: let’s see how high it can go outside!


ME: *sends helicopter so far upwards that it is out of sight*


ME: *spends 30 minutes searching for the helicopter*


(It doesn’t do much nowadays.)

The good news is that you’re not a moron like me – the other good news is that you can use this outside as long as it’s not incredibly windy.  I would recommend, despite the size of the 1SQ, that you go to a very large and open area, as this baby can fly.  No duh, it’s an RC copter.”  By “fly,” I mean go very quickly.  Very, very quickly.  Which is a good thing, if you’re skilled enough to control it and its 3-axis gyro system.  If not, you’ll need to moderate your speeds until you get more of that hand-eye stuff.

The battery is rechargeable via USB, which is a nice feature, and you can store the affordable heli basically anywhere, since it fits in the palm of your hand.  The set (I received the RTF version) comes with extra propellers and some other gear, and the controller has a screen on the bottom which gives you some cool stats and tweaks (mainly how much throttle you’re giving the 1SQ.)

Plus, the Heli-Max people had a novel idea: they included batteries.  “WHAT?”  I know, isn’t it great!

Support people who give you batteries in the box by buying the 1SQ – it’s great, and I had a ton of fun with it!

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