RESEARCH Suggests That Bronies Aren’t Crazy: The Numbers of My Little Pony

Research Proves That My Little Pony Is A Good Show


As much as some of us may scratch our heads at this growing phenomenon of “bronies,” the research shows that these fans may not have awful taste after all.  The idea of ponies having little masculinity is one that is slowly changing as society alters its ideals, and the numbers of My Little Pony show that the show has an incredibly large base of fans that is growing every day.

Note that this article is based solely upon facts – I personally do not find the show appealing, but I am also not ignorant enough to ignore the statistics.

The Research:

After taking a look at these rather astonishing numbers, one will have little argument beyond “an entire collection of people have awful taste,” but does the popular culture of an era not define what is “tasteful?”  If a colossal number of people find something to be enjoyable, then it has a basis off of which it can be deemed appealing.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

my little pony research


When the search terms “My Little Pony,” “Brony,” and a few other variants are queried into Google, an incredible amount of links result.  Just from a few keywords, users can access over 240,610,000 links related to the show on Google.

my little pony research


Don’t think that our culture values this show?  Tell that to the people who created over 1,000,000 My Little Pony videos and counting on YouTube.

my little pony research


All of those people that you’re Facebook friends with?  Chances are that a good number of them are secret fans of this show – nearly 330,000 people like the official My Little Pony page on Facebook.  That number doesn’t even take into account all of the independently run fandom pages, of which there are hundreds.

The official My Little Pony page almost has as many likes as ThinkGeek, more than three times as many likes as Oddee, six times as many likes as Geekologie, and nearly twenty times as many likes as The Whitest Kids You Know, which is thought by many to be a much better show than My Little Pony.

The Online Survey Results

I discovered this online survey while compiling the above statistics, and the results were, frankly, quite ridiculous.  That having been said, they clearly support the conclusion that My Little Pony, as a show, has a great deal of appeal, and that bronies have a basis for watching it.

1,695 people responded to the survey, answering several questions regarding their age, demographic, and opinion of My Little Pony.

80% of the participants were male, and the majority of them were between the ages of 18 and 24

On a scale of one to ten, one being the worst and ten being the best, 51% of people rated the show a ten.

Let me reiterate that finding:

51% of the survey’s participants rated the show a ten out of ten

Further findings:

The Equestria Daily, which is one of the biggest “brony” sites on the internet, has an Alexa ranking of 21,000, number one being the site with the most traffic and larger numbers being sites with less traffic.

The site is also ranked 7,557 in the U.S. – it receives more daily page views globally than Technabob, Obvious Winner, and other very popular sites. (I have used these examples to give the “geek” audience easy reference points.)

Go on over to Twitter and take a quick gander at the countless numbers of pony persona Twitter accounts that have been created, if you dare.

Celebrities Don’t Lie: These Famous People Watch My Little Pony

Gabe Newell – Co-founder of Valve

Markus Persson – Creator of Minecraft

Seth Green – Family Guy voice actor, Robot Chicken producer

The Bottom Line

Many of us may not understand the appeal that My Little Pony has to adolescent men, but the research shows that it obviously provides some kind of entertainment value.