Linx Video Communicators Are One of The Hottest Spy Toys Of This Year

From the creators of the Xplorer comes the Linx Video Communicators – two devices that can bring fun to any holiday season!  The adults want some time upstairs to relax and blather on about nothing, so why not shove these in the hands of your little ones and watch their eyes light up as they run off to be out of your hair and having a great time?

linx video communicators

I was fortunate enough to be sent a set of these spy toys for review by EyeSpyToys, but I am always unbiased in everything I do, mainly because I have no sense of social obligation, meaning that I am unable to be bribed.  They call me Fabricius the Unbribable.  Also, the Un-bride-able, since I’m ugly.

The Linx Video Communicators Have More Than One Awesome Feature

The Linx Video Communicators not only let you talk to another person up to 500 feet away (the technology also works through walls) but allow you to do other things as well!  In addition to using the provided headsets and microphones to communicate with your partner in crime, you can also send them secret messages and emoticons!

linx spy toys

Looking At Yourself In Your Linx

By pressing the upper arrow on the lefthand side of your device, you will be able to see what you look like to the other person on your own Linx communicator.  This is helpful for making sure that the other kid is seeing what you want them to see and not seeing what you don’t want them to see.  Read: the bike you stole from them last summer that’s stored in the garage.

Turning Night Vision On And Off

That’s right!  The Linx can slay even the darkest of unknown territories with its night vision system – just tap the arrow on the bottom left side of the spy toy in order to illuminate yourself!  This is an awesome feature that really adds to the Linx, since they wouldn’t be as fun if they could only be used in ample light.

Sending Emoticons and Messages

With the Linx, you can send pre-loaded emoticons and messages by using the arrows on the right side of the device, and you shouldn’t need any more than what is provided.  Things like “SHHHH,” “COOL,” and others are provided in the messages category, while there are several different emoticon faces that you can send to your partner with the press of a button.

These toys work like walkie talkies, in that you will need to hit your “Call” button and have your friend hit their “Call” button in order for you two to be connected and start having fun!

The Linx charge via USB, which is convenient – no batteries needed!

You can pick up a set of Linx Video Communicators (the ones with keyboards so that kids can type any message they want) at Toys R Us for just $79.99!  You can get the version with pre-loaded messages at Target for just $60!