EyeSpy Xplorer Rover Conquers Rough Terrain, Records Video, and is Tons of Fun!

eyespy xplorer spy toy

Know a little kid who loves spy gear?  Have a nephew that’s into technology and remote control toys?  The EyeSpy Xplorer is for you!  I had the privilege of being sent one of these beauties from the creators for the purpose of writing a review, and I must say that it was an exciting day when I received it in the mail!  I feel like a pudgier version of the iconic spy heroes that populate all of today’s major feature films!

The Rover Itself

When I first took the Xplorer out of the box and started driving it around, I was disappointed.  Most of the remote control toys I have reviewed were built to go extremely fast, which is fun, but keep in mind that the Xplorer has a very different intent.  As I soon found out, the purposeful movements of this vehicle were designed to facilitate the video recording aspect of the toy, which is what makes it a wonderful choice in terms of spy gear for kids.

The controls are, as you would expect, in the “two tread” setup, where one button controls the left motor and one button controls the right motor.  (Hold both up to go forward, the left up to turn right, and the right up to turn left.  You can also move backwards.)  This was also a smart move by EyeSpy Toys, as it allows for easy focusing of the Xplorer’s camera on a point of interest.  If you couldn’t just turn the car with a simplet movement, kids would become frustrated easily.

Awesome Features of The Xplorer

xplorer rc spy toy


One other thing that made playing with the Xplorer an enjoyable experience was the rover’s built-in-light.  While it serves little purpose in terms of seeing in the dark (the night vision takes care of that problem), the ability to have a fuller control of your spy device just makes for an even stronger “spy” feel, which is why kids love these kinds of toys.

You can also tilt the camera up and down by pressing a button in the middle of the remote control, so that you can look up at objects above or below the Xplorer.  It is really the amalgamation of features that the Xplorer hosts which make it a great toy and a wonderful choice this Christmas!

Think The Eyespy Xplorer is a One Player Toy?  Think Again!

This remote control spy toy is most definitely not a single player experience, as the creators had the wonderful idea of making the included LCD screen detachable from the controller.  This way, one kid can move the rover around and the other can tell them which way to position the camera in order to obtain the most incriminating/liberating footage.  (This footage, more than likely, will be of a household pet, but that does not diminish the fun at all!)

The LCD screen, which allows you to select when you are recording from the Xplorer’s camera and when you’re just surveilling the area, charges via USB, which is convenient.  You will, however, need some batteries for the controller and for the Xplorer itself.

This was, overall, an awesome piece of spy gear, and I would definitely recommend it!  You can pick it up for $79.99 at the link below.

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