The R2-D2 Snow Globe Celebrates Christmas and Disney’s Purchase of The Saga

r2-d2 snow globe


A rather delightful Halloween has come and gone, dead zombies cleaned off of the roof and all, so it’s time to look ahead.  What’s the next big thing coming to a town near you?  ME, IN ALL MY OBESE GLORY!  Also, Christmas, which is as good of a time as any to spend your money on an R2-D2 snow globe.

R2-D2 comes bearing presents in this geeky product, and I can tell you what’s inside that box, since I already peeked.  It’s episodes VII, VIII, and IX, as well as some Star Wars – themed rides at the Disney theme parks.  Get this to commemorate the revival of everyone’s favorite space series!  Star Trek fans, be quiet.  You too, Firefly.  Think I didn’t see you over there?  Why do you think your show got canceled so quickly?

Just visit the buy link if you want to bring this adorable little guy home for Christmas!

R2-D2 Snow Globe