‘Knits for Nerds’ by Joan of Dark: book review

Crafty geeks, rejoice! There is a special corner of Geeky Heaven reserved for nerds who are also knitters. And ‘Knits for Nerds’ by Toni Carr, or “Joan of Dark,” is its bible.

Star Wars Knitting Book

Toni Carr, aka “Joan of Dark,” rocks her Princess Leia knitted wig.


With 30 original patterns from Toni Carr and other designers covering fandoms from Star Wars to Harry Potter, this book is a great investment if you’re into cosplay. Knitted cosplay, that is. Even if you don’t normally knit your costumes, you might want to save some money by knitting a Princess Leia wig yourself instead of buying one.

‘Knits for Nerds’ also has patterns for smaller-scale projects. It’s not all huge, complicated and difficult projects. I’m a moderately competent knitter, and there were plenty of easy- to medium-difficulty patterns that I could do without wanting to stab someone with my needles in frustration. More skilled knitters will find plenty to challenge them as well. ‘Knits for Nerds’ is the kind of book that makes me want to get better at knitting, so that I can make all that cool stuff.

Hermione’s purple “bigger on the inside” bag is one of the book’s better small projects. The Princess Leia wig is definitely the most fun to make, although if you knit like me you’ll probably want lots of backup yarn for your first attempts. It’s challenging, but not horrendously hard.

The costume and clothing pieces are the most difficult, like the ‘Big Bang Theory’ sweaters and the ‘Star Trek’ mini-dress. However, they’re also the most worth it. Some are also very beautiful, like the ‘Lord of the Rings’-inspired Light of EƤrendil Shrug with a lace leaf pattern.

Knitting Craft Book

Most of the patterns are targeted towards the lady geeks, but ‘Knits for Nerds’ also includes some unisex and guy-specific items (like hobbit feet slippers). Both the book and the projects in it also make great gifts. ‘Knits for Nerds’ is something any stitch-crafty geek would want on their shelf.


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