Hilarious Imaginings Of What Babies Dream About


Babies, as far as we know, dream like the rest of us more developed human beings.  The only difference?  They probably just smash their face with ground peas all night, but that doesn’t make for a good story.  What does make for a good story is a little pudge bag sleeping peacefully with funny scenes drawn around him.


funny baby dreams


The first of our funny baby dreams – The crowd’s really into whatever DJ Fatcheeks is pumping out of his speakers.  They’re also relatively liquid-like, as their bodies seem to all flow together as one entity.  Talk about a wild concert.


funny baby dreams


The only issue I have with these photos – the baby is never actually sleeping, unless it’s some kind of mutant that rests with its eyes open.  What you don’t know about this photo: he stole a TV and is running from the cops, scrambling over a fence just in time to escape capture.


funny baby dreams


Show off those guns, you little beast.


funny baby dreams


Doin’ a traditional rain dance, that’s all.  Also, my breath is rancid, so I have to put my hand over my face.


funny baby dreams


The next Yo Yo Ma?  Perhaps, though I can’t tell if this is a small cello or a normal-sized violin with a small spike at the bottom.  IMPALE THE FLOOD!  *Taking out aliens with a war violin*

These are some pretty awesome baby pictures, and since women won’t come within four feet of me, I have no more to show you.  I do, however, have this book that teaches calculus to babies, which could be very useful.  For smashing bugs.  It’s not going to teach your infant anything.

[Via:  Incredible Things]

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