Glowing Cupcake Recipe: So Easy That Even I Can Do It


glowing cupcake recipe


I called this a glowing cupcake recipe, but the truth is that these babies don’t glow on their own, and neither do the cupcakes you’ll be making.  (What?)  You will need a blacklight, but if you are throwing a party with glowing cupcakes, it’s worth the investment.  That is, of course, assuming that you don’t want to look like a lamey-pants in front of the cool kids.  “You’re too old to say that.”  Don’t be a ninnymuggins, you booger-pickin’ lamey pants.  “I’m leaving.”


glowing cupcake recipe

glowing cupcake recipe


The secret ingredient is actually tonic water, a liquid that glows under blacklight due to some fancy chemical that’s in it.  Long story short: you put some of that in the frosting mix, and your cupcakes glow.  Note that the white cupcakes glow the brightest, and that there’s a whole different procedure for the green ones: you have to freeze them and dip ‘em in gelatin made with tonic water.  Even after all that, they just don’t glow as brightly as the white cupcakes.

Want the recipe?  Just visit the link below!

Glowing Cupcake Recipe

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