Best Geeky Yarnbombs

For those unfamiliar with the term, yarnbombing — also known as yarnstorming, guerilla knitting, or urban knitting — is like graffiti mixed with photobombing. Instead of spraypainting messages and artwork on walls, people knit or crochet directly over public fixtures. Diapers for naked fountain babies. Crocheted caution tape. Bolas hung over tree limbs. Octopi attacking streetlamps. ¬†(The editor’s personal favorite.) ¬†Entire cars covered in form-fitted car-blankets. Car-clothes. Yarn-paint? Whatever.

It’s the new, weird form of graffiti. There’s even an International Yarnbombing Day. And since the overlap between geeks, knitters, and crocheters is pretty large, it stands to reason that there are some fantastic geeky yarnbombs out there.

1. R2D2 Yarnbomb

Like this one. An ugly concrete street post in Bellington, Washington becomes R2D2. This yarnbomb becomes even more impressive when you consider that it’s knitted. The choice method of yarnbombing is crochet, because it goes faster and is easier to shape into more complex forms.

It would have been even more funny and awesome if the knitter had turned the rest of the street posts into daleks, like the next yarnbomber did.

2. Dalek Yarnbombs

Another yarnstorming geek took a different angle on the dalek theme, crocheting tiny daleks and planting them strategically in a library.

“A, B, C, D…dalek?!”

Indoor or smaller-scale yarnbombs often feature stuff like this: bows on doorhandles, yarnbombed chairs and desks, and amigurimi items, animals…or daleks. The best thing about these little guys is that patrons or library personnel can move them around anywhere, psyching you out.

“Return your books on time — or else!”


3. Tardis Yarnbomb

Dr. Who seems to be a pretty popular theme amongst stitch-crafty geeks. Apart from daleks, there are several yarnbombed variations of the Tardis floating through time and space.

This lamp post Tardis isn’t exactly to scale — but since it’s bigger on the inside anyway, I guess that doesn’t really matter.

4. Superhero Yarnbombs

Superman seems to be the most popular superhero to yarnstorm. It’s probably because statues like these are practically begging to be yarnbombed. They already have the confident pose, the gaze into the middle distance, the heroic stature…all they needed was a Superman getup.

The Superman shield statue probably would have worked better as Captain America. But there are plenty of other superhero yarnbombs out there, including a telephone box cozy complete with amigurimi Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Catwoman and the Invisible Man (a tiny crocheted sweater and pair of googly eyes).

5. Pacman Yarnbomb

Cross-stitch-style yarnbombs are yet another variation of textile street art. In this case, the cross-stitch is perfect, lending the yarnbomb the pixelated look of Pacman. However, this would have to be my favorite Pacman yarnbomb:

6. Alice in Wonderland

The “Wall of Wonderland” is the work of London’s Knit the City yarnstorming group. An amigurimi Alice falls down the rabbit hole to meet the entire cast of amigurimi characters.

There are even crocheted mushrooms (that would account for the tiny size of the figures). The entire “Wonderwall” plays out the story of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in crochet narrative, with amigurimi versions of every major character. The insane attention to detail and the flawless stitchcraft deserves some kind of geek award.