26 Pound Giant Gummy Python Will Choke You To Death, Just Like The Real Thing

giant gummy snake


This giant gummy python is, indeed, twenty-six pounds.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that if you were able to eat this in thirty minutes, a.k.a. my friends held me down and fed it down my esophagus, I would be twenty-six pounds heavier.  I can finally make the cut for wrestling!  I just have to wait a few months for this to digest, hoping that my blood sugar levels won’t kill me.

36,000 is a special number.  36,000 is twice 18,000, thrice 12,000, and frice 9,000.  36,000 is also the number of calories in this seven-foot-long gummy snack.  This can hardly be called a snack, more like something that you eat over the course of a few years.

You can buy one of these for $150 if you would like – it would be a great gift for anyone who enjoys gags or is incredibly obese and enjoys gummy snacks.

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[Via: The Awesomer]