HotTug Tugboat Hot Tub For The Most Epic Relaxation

hottub tugboat


Ever been in a hot tub?  Probably.  Ever been in a hot tub infested with water-borne bacteria?  Probably that same hot tub that satisfied the first requirement.  Well, if you get some chlorine and make sure that there’s no meningitis living in the water, you too can have a romantic experience on some large body of water!

The HotTug is a combination of a hot tub and a tugboat, meaning that you can get a whole lot of awesome for only $20,000.  It is heated by a wood stove, and will stay at a comfortable 38 degrees celsius, which is around 100 degrees fahrenheit.

This is a crazy piece of geekery that will surely become obsolete once we create a machine that can heat entire bodies of water.  Which I’m working on right now.  It’s called “car batteries connected to a space heater” and it’s going to be HUGE.

[Via: Geekologie]