Dogs in Costumes: Wishing You a Bark-tastic Halloween

Well folks, Halloween’s right around the corner, so naturally we’ll be seeing a lot of pictures of amazing – and not so amazing – costumes in these next couple of weeks. Costumes that have been planned for months, costumes thrown together the night before, costumes that are beautiful, costumes that are horrifying, and so on.

But what about the little guys who have absolutely no say in how they’re forced to dress on Halloween? No, I’m not talking about little kids (though they certainly fall into this same category). I’m talking about dogs.

Dogs In Costumes: Adorable or Ridiculous?

Dogs in costumes tend to go one of two ways: they can be ridiculously adorable or rather depressing.

So, in honor of All Hallow’s Eve, here are twenty pictures of dogs in costumes that will either leave you “Awwwing” or questioning whether their owner is breaching some sort of pet abuse.


dogs in costumes


There seem to be some global obsession with dressing dogs up as Star Wars characters. Need proof? Here are some dogs dressed as Ewoks


dogs in costumes Star Wars


… and Chewbacca


dogs in costumes


… and Darth Vader and Yoda

… and Princess Leia


… and even an AT-AT. I could go on, but you get the picture.



Here’s a pug dressed up in a Dalek sweater. Luckily Daleks on Doctor Who aren’t this adorable, otherwise they would’ve taken over the universe by now.



This owner dressed their dog up as not only everybody’s favorite heroic plumber, but as Princess Peach, Luigi, and a Nintendo as well. It’s impossible not to giggle at the little crown this pooch has to wear.



Sorry Chris Hemsworth, but you’re no longer the cutest Thor around.



Sure, this Hannibal Lecter may seem harmless, but wait until he invites your Pomeranian over for dinner.



If you’re going to dress your dog up in this ridiculous Velociraptor for Halloween, at least pay her the common courtesy courtesy of telling her she’s a “Clever Girl”.


dog costumes

I have nothing clever to say about this Hippie costume. I just feel that the world should know that someone out there thought this was a good idea. That poor dog.


pug pirate costume


Pirate Pug, get in my life. Get in my life right now.



If your kid is already going as Harry Potter for Halloween, might as well up the ante and make their costume a billion times more magical by making your dog into Fluffy the Cerberus.


headless-horseman dog costume


Okay, I can’t lie. This Headless Horseman costume? Genius. Look at those little hooves!


dog costumes


Someone out there sure has a lot of Collies, and really doesn’t seem to love them.


dog costumes


I think it’s high time we invest in a Corgi Hogwarts, so we see more of these Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood pups roaming about.

dog costume


If you’re looking for the opportunity to ensure that your dog will never trust you near them ever again, then make sure you purchase this Orca costume.


waldo dog costume


Guys! Guys! I finally found Waldo!


dog costume


Sleepy Winnie the Pooh puppy is all kinds of right.


dog costume


I saved the best for last. This derpy Corgi dressed as Link is, I guarantee, the cutest dog in a costume you will ever see. End of discussion.

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