2012 Most Common Passwords List Proves The World Is As Dumb As It Was Last Year?

most popular passwords 2012


Do you want to know why you get daily emails from a Nigerian prince promising you SUM OF $200,000,000 IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR TIME?  It’s because people are less intelligent than we assume them to be.  The one assumption that you can make and almost always be right: that the man licking the Wendy’s tables is me. (go ahead and smile … that was sarcasm …)  Also, that the majority of people in any given room have the thinking ability of a giant Russian rat.  Giant Russian rats aren’t as cunning as you think they’d be, by the way.  They’re just rats who live in Russia.

I was surprised to see a couple of what I had thought to be original passwords on this list – how was I supposed to not pick monkey for my PayPal account login?  Also, note that all of the people who used #25 are just the same people who used #1 for their Twitter and needed to come up with something different for their Facebook.  AS THE CREATIVITY JUST OOOOOOZES OUT….

[Via: Geekologie]