2012 Most Common Passwords List Proves The World Is As Dumb As It Was Last Year?

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most popular passwords 2012


Do you want to know why you get daily emails from a Nigerian prince promising you SUM OF $200,000,000 IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR TIME?  It’s because people are less intelligent than we assume them to be.  The one assumption that you can make and almost always be right: that the man licking the Wendy’s tables is me. (go ahead and smile … that was sarcasm …)  Also, that the majority of people in any given room have the thinking ability of a giant Russian rat.  Giant Russian rats aren’t as cunning as you think they’d be, by the way.  They’re just rats who live in Russia.

I was surprised to see a couple of what I had thought to be original passwords on this list – how was I supposed to not pick monkey for my PayPal account login?  Also, note that all of the people who used #25 are just the same people who used #1 for their Twitter and needed to come up with something different for their Facebook.  AS THE CREATIVITY JUST OOOOOOZES OUT….

[Via: Geekologie]