10 Rage of Bahamut Tips for Any Level of Player

If you’re looking to improve your defense deck without spending a ton of holy powder, check out our list of the top ten defense cards Rage of Bahamut has to offer as well as our post on how to get holy powder on Rage of Bahamut and make a quick 30 HP.

You’re smart to be looking for Rage of Bahamut tips, since it’s a competitive game filled with hardcore gamers whipping your face with their stacked deck.  Rage of Bahamut is the “rage” right now in the mobile gaming world, as it’s available on both iOS and Android.  (At a few million users, it is the number one grossing app in iTunes at the writing of this post.)  I’m assuming that if you’ve gotten to this article, you already know the very basic aspects of the game from the tutorial, so I’m not going to give a general overview.  Hopefully you entered the code lju37637 after the tutorial and got some awesome stuff.

Also, note that some of this content is out of date.  Rage of Bahamut has updated its rules greatly and implemented the Bazaar system, which makes some of this moot.  (If you look in the comments, you will see where the confusion / changes are.)

These ten Rage of Bahamut tips will be helpful to even the most advanced players, since one of them was devised by my order just today and has been working beautifully in Holy Wars.

Rage of Bahamut Tips

rage of bahamut tips

1.  Enhance Fully Pre-Evolving Or Don’t Enhance At All

Rage of Bahamut Tips – Beginner

When I first started the game, and had very little idea what was going on, I somehow obtained a Minotaur. (HR, Big Hit To Foe’s DEF (All))  I said to myself, “high rare is probably good,” and proceeded to enhance the thing to level 47.  At that point, I obtained another Minotaur by trading a ton of hp (35, which was too high of a price.)  When I evolved the cards, I was dismayed to see that the level was set back down to one.

The key to enhancing in Rage of Bahamut is to fully enhance all cards before you evolve them, as this will give them a ten percent stats retainment as opposed to a five percent stats retainment.  This, after four evolutions, will make a markable difference in the power of your fully evolved card!  Remember that if you’re super hardcore you can even have an eight-time-evolved card by getting a card, a +, evolving with a + to get a ++, repeating to get another four card ++, and then evolving the two ++’s to achieve a final form.  I generally don’t do this, however, since it takes forever.

2.  Focus On Building a Strong Defense Deck Early

rage of bahamut tips

Fully Evolved Athena – Massive Hit To Foes ATK (All)

Rage of Bahamut Tips – Beginner/Intermediate

Starting off, you may think that a strong attack deck is the most important thing to have.  (Some people still believe this when they reach higher levels, though I tend to disagree.)  One of the best resources in the Rage of Bahamut tips list is the below compilation of card names.

These cards are perfect for earlier players who want to keep other users from stealing rupies and earn honor points while they’re not even logged in by building a relatively strong defense.  (Honor points give you a battle ranking, which gives you gems, which gives you holy powder and rare cards and other things that you will need.)

Since these are cards of lower rarity, you will want to fully enhance and evolve them to get them to maximum strength.

High Dancer (R) – Medium Hit To Foes ATK (All)

High Lancer (R) – Medium Boost to Def (All)

Iseult (R) – Medium Boost to Def (All)

Melusine (R) – Medium Hit To Foes ATK (All)

Rhea (R) – Medium Boost To Def (All)

These cards are only rare, so you should be able to get each of them for a different rare or for two holy powder.  (Though some users sell rares for only 1.5 hp, which is a good deal.)

The thing that these cards have in common is that they all either boost defense or cut attack, which gives you a good chance of winning more defense battles!  (There are many cards with more powerful skills, but they are much much harder to obtain.)

3.  Save Holy Powder for Holy Wars

Rage of Bahamut Tips – Intermediate

This may seem obvious, and it is, but this tip is here more to remind you to do it than to inform you of some new technique.  Once you have a solid five card deck with at least 50k base attack and defense, it’s time to do well in holy wars and move up to the next tier of players.

Without the bonuses that you win in holy wars, you won’t get a deck better than some fully evolved rares and one or two un-evolved high rares.  In order to get to the point where you have fully evolved high rares populating your card inventory, you need to perform well in holy wars.  How do you do that?  Well, one of the biggest factors is how many holy powders you have stored up.


rage of bahamut tips


Here’s the best advice I can offer – DO NOT USE HOLY POWDER UNLESS YOU ARE IN A HOLY WAR OR IT IS A VERY SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCE.  You will need that holy powder later, and there’s no worse feeling than knowing that you are falling in the ranks because you ran dry.  Also, to all you fans of cure water, the Tears of The Moon event was lame.

4.  Build Up Stamina In Earlier Levels

Rage of Bahamut Tips – Beginner

When you are below level thirty and are getting attribute points, this is what I recommend: for every one point that you put on ATK and DEF power, put two on stamina.  So, when you get five points for adding a fellow, put one on attack, one on defense, two on stamina, and have one left over.  I’m sure you can figure it out.

It’s important to build stamina early since this is the best way to get feeder cards for enhancing your deck.  Also, you can get a good amount of rupies (and some holy powder) from boss battles.  Eventually, at a much higher level, you might consider using the next tips to move those points over to attack power.

5.  Re-Assigning Points Without Getting Penalized

Rage of Bahamut Tips – Intermediate/Advanced

Some of you might already know this one, but a lot of you will not, so I’m going to explain it.  When you add a fellow, you get five attribute points.  You then distribute these attribute points how you see fit, and then move on with the game.  Later, at Holy War time, for example, you might decide that you need to be able to attack four times without using holy powder.  To do this, you will need to reallocate your points by dropping fellows.

Now, before you run off, DON’T JUST START REMOVING FELLOWS.  The best way to do this re-assigning of points is to contact your fellows via support and ask them to drop and then re-add you to their list.  This way, you don’t incur the penalty of losing six attribute points instead of five, lowering your total. (You can drop one fellow each day without incurring a penalty, so start early before holy wars to make sure that your fellows respond.)

Then, once your fellows have all dropped and re-added you, you are free to re-allocate your attribute points as you please!  Example: Tears of The Moon, stamina = 325.  Holy Wars 5, stamina = 120, attack = 337.  Much more useful.

6.  How To Break Defense Leaders By Using Normal Cards

Rage of Bahamut Tips – Advanced

This is a tip that will help you win more holy wars, and one that my order devised just a day or two ago.  (Other people have probably done it, but nobody had ever told me about the technique before.)  When the defense leader of an order fends off an attack, regardless of the attack’s strength, their defense power goes down by five.

So, why should you care?  Well, if you have an order with fifteen active players, and you all attack with a weak normal card, using only a couple of your ATK power points to do so, the defense leader will not be able to use his full deck and will be easy to beat!  The only time you run into problems with this is if you have an inactive order and the guy has 250 defense points and only needs 130 something for his deck.  (Yes, it happens – he probably knew about the technique.)

For players who don’t know yet, you cannot attack any of the other order members until someone has beaten the defense leader, which is a real pain sometimes.  Recently battled someone with a six figure defense.

7.  When Recruiting, Ignore The Level of The Player

Rage of Bahamut Tips – Intermediate

As an order leader, it’s important to recruit players that will help your order perform well in the holy wars so that you can get those big bonuses that we talked about earlier.  (These are very valuable cards that you can use or sell for tons of holy powder to hardcore players.)

When recruiting players, there are a couple of things you should look for, and level is not one of them.  The “level” of a player just indicates how much time they waste doing the quests, which does not at all correlate to how powerful of a deck they have.  Here are a couple of things that I like to look at –

Their Win/Loss Ratio – When you go to a user’s page, you will see xxx W and xxx L.  The W/L ratio should be over one, preferably a number above 1.5, though these players are rare and are often already in orders.

Their Cards – One of the most effective ways to judge a player is to go into a trade and browse through their cards.  You might even want to battle them to test their defense.

How Active They Are – This is the most important aspect of any user in your order.  It doesn’t matter that much how good you are if you are active and always attacking something, even if you’re just bashing a wall with a weak deck.  How active a player is can be hard to judge, but watch their profile for changes and you will be able to see if they are still playing the game and not just a ghost account.

8.  Use Weak Cards To Scout Decks In Holy Wars

Rage of Bahamut Tips – Intermediate

Attack points are valuable in holy wars, since your holy powder stash has to end at some point, and you want to get the biggest amount of points you can out of what you have.  This is why I recommend going to an early quest chapter, getting a goblin/angel weak normal card, and using it to scout decks.

So, let’s say I want to attack a user since my ATK leader has broken the other order’s DEF leader.  I will first set up a deck with only that one weak card in it and attack the user, take a loss, and see their deck.  This may seem like a waste of two or three attack points, but such a small loss will not affect how many times you can attack, and you can save yourself over a hundred attack points by making smart decisions.

This Rage of Bahamut tip is vital becauseyou receive no holy points if you lose a battle.

9.  Experimental: Entire Deck of Witch Commanders?

Rage of Bahamut Tips – Advanced

If you are a big time player, you might want to consider trying this and seeing if it works – create a deck comprised entirely of Witch Commanders, and then fight in Holy Wars.  Since every card gives you a big boost to holy war points gained, wouldn’t you be able to easily climb the rankings?  It’s worth a try – I certainly don’t have the buying capacity to get twenty fully enhanced Witch Commanders (HR), but somebody reading this probably does.

Perhaps it applies that rule where only a certain number of the deck’s bonuses are used?  Let me know your thoughts.

10.  Always Support When Trading For HR Or Above

Any time I have successfully traded for a high rare or SR card, (no SSRs for me yet), it has been done via support messages.  I ask the user what they want for their card, and they say one of three things.  They aren’t selling it, they don’t want what I have, or I have something that they want.  In the first two cases, I move on.  In the third case, I trade, unless they asked for too much.  Then, I negotiate a little bit, and if they don’t budge, I move on to another user with the same card.  If you have some decent cards or a lot of holy powder to offer, this can work wonders!

Remember to always look up the “market value” of a high rare, SR, or SSR card before paying holy powder for it.  I generally just search the card and see what people are saying in the forums, or I ask people from my order who have sold or bought the card I am seeking in the past.

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